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Ghazi Hamad, member of the Hamas politburo

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A senior member of the politburo of the Islamist movement “Hamas” has announced that the group is ready for a “compromise” for the release of nearly 240 hostages taken in the October 7 attack on Israel.

In an interview with NBC, Ghazi Hamad, who periodically talks to foreign media and is among those who say that Hamas is ready for new attacks, said that the movement is now ready for a “deal”, a week after it was reported by sources of ” Reuters”, familiar with the progress of the negotiations in Qatar.

“We want these people to go home,” Hamad said in Beirut. “We want our people to come home, too. So I think we’re ready for a full compromise, to reach an agreement to get all the hostages, whether military or civilian.”

Earlier, Hamas also wanted a ceasefire, but at the time, according to the Reuters information, there was no mention of a “humanitarian pause” or the possibility of releasing the military hostages. Earlier, US President Joe Biden said there was a brief ceasefire at the time of the release of two Hamas hostages in mid-October.

Multidirectional messages

NBC recalls that in front of Lebanese television, Hamad told a local audience that the organization is ready for new aggression, wants to “eliminate” Israel and will continue with the attacks and asked the representative of the organization. “No, I’m saying that we want to continue (the struggle – note ed.) against the occupation. This is our right.” Asked about the killing of civilians on October 7, he insisted the organization had never targeted civilians “intentionally” and replied: “I don’t have details.”

Israel has surrounded Gaza City on three sides and is fighting Hamas there

Asked if civilians wanted what Hamas was doing after it was expected that an attack on Israel would unleash the current horror for Palestinians in Gaza, he began talking about the Israeli blockade of the past 17 years.

It is not known whether such an idea would be accepted and carried out by the military wing of Hamas, the Al Qassam Brigades; the political leadership resides in other Middle Eastern countries. Hamas has stepped up psychological pressure on Israel over the hostages in recent days, with videos and claims that dozens of hostages have been killed in Israeli bombardments.

A total of 5,000 Palestinian prisoners, including 160 children, are held in Israel, of which 1,100 are being held without charge or trial, according to the United Nations.

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