Help! Mario’s condition drastically worsened

Help! Mario’s condition drastically worsened
Help! Mario’s condition drastically worsened
Mario’s condition has drastically deteriorated in the last one week. A few days ago, Mario had 2 epileptic seizures one after another, of which he had no memory for the whole day, and just before that he was energetic and communicative. This is what his relatives are talking about in the Facebook group “Let’s give Mario a hand“:

“We were initially reassured that it was most likely a side effect of the chemo treatments, but after two days we thought he had stabilized, he had another attack.

His whole right side went numb and stiff, he immediately went to the emergency room with fears of a stroke, but after doing an MRI, it turned out that he had 4 metastases in the area of ​​the brain cavity, which were pressing on the brain, and as a result, the seizures. He also has problems with eating – everything he tries to eat after no more than a minute he vomits. He lost nearly 13 kilograms.

The pains in the whole body have not stopped either.

Despite everything, Mario does not give up and continues to fight.

We have already contacted the clinic in Turkey and on the 6th of November he will go for a PET scan, after which he will have several radiation treatments.

There are some funds for initial expenses, but they certainly won’t be enough. We don’t know how much longer he has left in this state

That’s why I’m turning to you again, please help our boy once again!

He keeps gritting his teeth and fighting!

Let’s give him a hand once more, he will fight back, we all believe him!

Thank you once again for everything you have done for us!”, his relatives are calling for help.

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