Svetoslav Petrov: “It’s a shame about the result, we didn’t deserve to lose!”

Svetoslav Petrov: “It’s a shame about the result, we didn’t deserve to lose!”
Svetoslav Petrov: “It’s a shame about the result, we didn’t deserve to lose!”

“I am extremely affected. I’m angry about the situations we had before the break. We played the first half very well, we had many opportunities. I can’t help but rate the team’s performance highly. I am satisfied both as individuals and as a team.
CSKA did not know where the first half was. If it’s CSKA… I’ll keep quiet. We have an Army game in a few days, I’m sure they will perform differently. The very fact that the CSKA crowd chanted Busato’s name after the match speaks volumes.
Just a shame. I watched the situations, the ambush… It’s already played, I’m very affected. I don’t want to comment on the situations of whether the penalty was inside or outside, a situation for a handball that is being watched, and for the offside…
I can’t help but appreciate the performance of my team. I am extremely pleased! It’s a shame about the result, because we didn’t deserve it with this play from this game with empty hands. We still have a lot to work on, but I’m very disappointed with the result. We had more than one and two situations. I thanked the players, after such self-giving, I can’t help but thank them. There is one bitterness left, unfortunately it is football.
The road is very long. One or two games that we played well doesn’t change anything. I try to be honest with the players. When things are OK – I say the same when they are not OK. CSKA took advantage of one of our mistakes. I joked with Heinz before the game that I was glad he wasn’t playing and coming on in the second half.
Today, especially in the situations where we had the opportunity to score, we were unlucky. In the situations in which we scored, nothing else reached us… We leave with 0 points. I hope we will try to take advantage of the game and the positive performance. We have made significant sacrifices, other people will be able to speak against Slavia.”
Anatoli PETROV


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