Kiril Petkov requested support from GERB, “Sinya Sofia” and SDS for Vasil Terziev (PHOTO)


Former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov officially requested the support of the voters of GERB, “Sinya Sofia” and SDS.

With a post on his official page on social networks, the co-chairman of “Continuing the Change” addressed “all right-wing voters and people with democratic values”, as there are in all three parties:

“You may not like PP-DB, you may not like me, you may not like the government. But, right-wing people, we cannot afford a communist with phraseology and thinking from 1973 to head Sofia in 2023,” he turned Petkov pointedly addressed the opponent of Vasil Terziev, Vanya Grigorova.

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“Today’s election is not just about who we are as residents of the capital, but who and what Bulgaria is today! Is it possible that after 30 years of difficult but consistent democratic development, the capital will elect a candidate who is supported by Rumen Petkov, Volen Siderov, and Georgi Parvanov , from Nikolay Malinov, … from the Bulgarian Communist Party,” says Petkov.


The co-chairman of the PP also drew attention to Grigorova’s words from her interview a few days ago in NOVA, in which, according to Petkov, she “praises the one-party system”:

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“She can’t even say ‘Putin is an aggressor’ – people, this is shocking for a mayor of our capital. She believes that capitalism is corruption and denies corruption under socialism. She wants maximum nationalization of everything – just look at the capital’s Toplofication today, which it has always been municipal. And this person is compared to Vasil Terziev – the person who created an academy through which more than 30,000 students have passed, who donates funds to public causes such as “Together in an Hour” and many others,” writes Petkov.

He calls, “Hey, right-wing people, wake up!” … I will vote for a European Bulgaria!”.

Support from Hekimyan as well

Earlier today, another of Terziev’s former opponents Anton Hekimyan also indirectly confirmed his support for the PP-DB-SS candidate. The GERB-SDS candidate who finished in third place wrote: “I will vote with reason, not with emotion.” Hekimyan himself collected 66,792 votes (17.83%) in the first round and came third in the race for the mayoral seat in Sofia.

We remind you that earlier this week the leader of GERB Boyko Borisov announced that he preferred Grigorova to Terziev, but a little later he retracted and said that he was joking.

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