The cases against Trump are in a new phase


A US appeals court has lifted restrictions on any public comments by participants in the federal trial against Donald Trump over his alleged illegal attempts to manipulate the results of the 2020 US presidential election in his favor, pending a decision on the former president’s appeal , reported France Press.

In October, Tanya Chutkan, the judge in the federal trial, which is scheduled to begin March 4 in Washington, imposed a number of restrictions on public comments by prosecutors, court officials and witnesses in the case, affecting both the prosecution and the defense.

Those restrictions were briefly suspended after an appeal by Donald Trump’s lawyers, then reinstated on October 29 after hearing arguments from both sides.

On Thursday night, Trump filed a new appeal with the District of Columbia Federal Court of Appeals, which granted his request to stay the restrictions pending a court ruling on the case and scheduled a hearing for November 20.

Under Judge Chutkan’s restraining order, which has now been suspended, statements against prosecutors and potential witnesses in the case were barred. In the past, Donald Trump has called special prosecutor Jack Smith, who prosecuted him in the case, a “crazy lunatic” and a “gangster,” according to Reuters.

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