LIVE: Grigor Dimitrov vs Stefanos Tsitsipas 6:3, 3:4 – Tennis – Men

LIVE: Grigor Dimitrov vs Stefanos Tsitsipas 6:3, 3:4 – Tennis – Men
LIVE: Grigor Dimitrov vs Stefanos Tsitsipas 6:3, 3:4 – Tennis – Men

Grigor Dimitrov and Stefanos Tsitsipas will face each other in a semi-final match at the Paris Masters.

Set 1:

Grigor chose to open with a serve and started with a double fault, then another inaccuracy followed on the forehand. However, with a mechanical game from the baseline, the Bulgarian managed to prevail in the first game against the Greek, ending with a smash from the net. With two excellent backhands on the right, Grigor neutralized the pressure of the opponent, who also made two unprovoked mistakes, which helped our athlete to make the first breakthrough of the match.

The momentum in Dimitrov’s game continued with a bang, as the Bulgarian closed the third part of the set without any problems. However, Tsitsipas was able to “sign off” the set in the fourth set, winning his serve at 30. Dimitrov continued to dominate the baseline games on his serve and went 10-1, eventually extending his lead to 4: 1.


The Greek played much more confidently after receiving “valuable” instructions from his mother from the stands. Tsitsipas increased the pace of his plays, and Grigor defended deep, but still convincingly he closed the sixth part – 2:4. However, Grisho continued to be reasonable in the course of his plays in his submission and with beautiful combinations he reached 40:0. Tsitsipas took the initiative on the forehand and was able to finish with a beautiful forehand for 15:40. With a chance, as the ball deflected into the net, Grigor went up to 5:2 game in the first set.

The Bulgarian started with an acrobatic performance from the air after Tsitsipas “invited” him to the net and tried to transfer him, but Dimitrov showed quick feet and with a spectacular smash made it 15:0 on the serve of the Greek. Spectators in Bercy witnessed a great play between the two, with Dimitrov eventually outsmarting his opponent with a passing shot, and Tsitsipas’ return ended in the net – 15:30.

With an excellent combination, Tsitsipas equalized, but Grisho played a fantastic forehand on the straight, with the ball hooking the line and Dimitrov reached a set ball, which, however, was neutralized by Tsitsipas. He came up with a chance to close out the set, but made an uncalled forehand error from the baseline. Tsitsipas fought for this game and closed the part – 3:5.

Grigor played a volley from the net that was controversial and Tsitsipas asked for a review after finishing. However, the replay showed that the ball had hit the line and everything was within the rules. Grisho continued to be stable at the opening stroke and confidently closed the first set at 6:3.

Set 2:

The world No. 7 from Greece started the second set quickly and closed to 0 on his serve, as the two did not enter into long plays. Grigor Dimitrov “returned the gesture” to the opponent and also won his serve without giving Tsitsipas the opportunity to take a point in the game – 1:1. Grigor made a great passing shot after Tsitsipas had gone to the net, but unfortunately for him the ball stopped inches behind the baseline – 30-0 for the Greek. He misses a backhand down the straight and the score is 15:30. A defense by our athlete followed, but Tsitsipas aggressively attacked the net and reached 40:15, and the game went to his account.

Grigor’s service continued to work at 100% and the Bulgarian largely relied on it – 2:2 game. Dimitrov for the thousandth time demonstrated his amazing talent after the two shot each other from the main lines, but with a fantastic slice he shortened the shot and Tsitsipas had no answer – 15:15. Tsitsipas took the lead, but a mistake followed for 30:30. In the end, the Greek won his serve for 3:2.

Grigor was able to withstand the pressure of Tsitsipas, who mostly kept the ball coming back low, but our tennis player coped with the idea of ​​the Greek. Tsitsipas “caught” Grigor in his stride and reached 30 points on Dimitrov’s serve. A backhand error on the diagonal for the Greek gave Grisho the opportunity to close the set to see an exceptional aerial performance by Grigor near the net – 3:3.

Dimitrov reached 30:15 after a double fault by Tsitsipas and a hasty error, but still parity was restored to 30:30 after a risky shot by ours. A kick-serve from the Greek made it difficult for Dimitrov for 40:30 and yet Tsitsipas managed – 4:3.

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