– news – It is not clear who will inherit Matthew Perry’s property and money – news – It is not clear who will inherit Matthew Perry’s property and money – news – It is not clear who will inherit Matthew Perry’s property and money

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After the unexpected death of Matthew Perry on October 28, many are wondering who will inherit the money and property of the famous actor from the series “Friends”. Perry has never been married and has no children.

“The entire cast of ‘Friends’ is paid about 20 million a year. That money will continue to be passed on to Matthew as long as the series is on the air, regardless of his death,” lawyer Tre Lovell told ET online., quoted by 24 Hours .

In this case, the money will be paid to his heirs. The attorney explained that an authorized person must determine where Perry’s royalties will go.

At the moment, it is not known whether the actor bequeathed his money somewhere. If not, his inheritance will go to his closest living relatives.

“Since he didn’t have a spouse or children, the money would be distributed to his parents equally. The same goes for the property,” Lovell said.

The lawyer suggests that Matthew Perry may have bequeathed some of his money to addiction charities.

“Addiction recovery was a big part of his life. He spent millions of dollars to recover and I’m sure that was something important to him,” Lovell shared.

On Monday, it became clear that Perry wanted to expand his work with people struggling with addictions. He created a foundation just before his death.

In an interview with The New York Times in November 2022, Perry said he “spent about $9 million” over several decades battling addictions and even going to rehab.

Perry’s parents, Susan Marie Morrison and John Bennett Perry, are still alive and likely to inherit his estate.

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