Hassan Nasrallah: “Hezbollah” is waging a war against Israel, the US will not intimidate us

Hassan Nasrallah: “Hezbollah” is waging a war against Israel, the US will not intimidate us
Hassan Nasrallah: “Hezbollah” is waging a war against Israel, the US will not intimidate us

/Pogled.info/ The main points of the speech of the leader of the political party and paramilitary organization “Hizbullah” Hassan Nasrallah:

Iran does not lead the resistance of Hamas and Hezbollah. He supported the Islamic resistance of the Iraqi militias against the US.

The US bears the main responsibility for what is happening in Gaza, and it is they who prevent the aggression from stopping.

We must have two goals – to stop the aggression and to help Hamas win.

What is happening in Gaza is not a war like other previous wars, but a decisive historical battle.

A victory in Gaza is a victory for the Palestinian people, not for the Muslim Brotherhood. Victory in Gaza is a victory for all countries in the region and the national interests of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Victory for Hamas is in the interest of the Palestinian people, the West Bank, Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Israel threatens Lebanon by demonstrating its brutality in Gaza.

One of the most important mistakes an enemy government makes is setting lofty goals that it cannot achieve, such as eliminating Hamas. Before that, in 2006, Israel announced that its goal was to destroy Hezbollah, but this was not achieved.

Arab and Muslim countries and governments must cut off relations and stop supplying Israel with food, oil and gas. Statements alone are not enough.

We have been involved in this battle since October 8, the Islamic resistance in Lebanon began a day after that of Hamas, the resistance received the next stage, carrying out attacks on the entire front. It’s not over yet. We attack tanks, concentrations of equipment and personnel.

We are fighting a real battle unlike any that has gone before. It differs in strategy, tactics and different types of weapons. We are diverting IDF forces from Gaza, 1/3 of the Israeli army is on the border with Lebanon. The Lebanese Front also managed to take on half of Israel’s naval forces in the Mediterranean against Lebanon and Haifa. Israel evacuated 43 settlements.

Israel fears that this front could lead to a regional war, a scenario that is realistic and could definitely happen. Every day we receive messages from Arab countries begging us not to act.

If Israel and the US decide to attack Lebanon, it will be the biggest folly in the history of their existence. The Lebanese will not be afraid of what is happening in Gaza. It’s better not to give up than to fall on your knees.

We are doing everything to ease Israeli pressure on Gaza.

We were threatened with American aircraft carriers and airstrikes after Hezbollah’s attack on the IDF. However, threats will not change our position. Any escalation is inevitable, but depends on developments in Gaza. The front can be extended.

I warn Israel not to attack Lebanon. From our side, all scenarios are possible, all options are considered and ready for use.

America has sent us messages that it will bomb Iran if we continue to resist.

Your ships in the Mediterranean do not frighten us. We fear nothing and have prepared an answer for your fleet. If a full-scale war breaks out, your fleet will be of no use. The US should remember the defeats in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon in the early 1980s.

We are all fighting a battle for fortitude. Our battle has not reached the one hit victory stage and we still need time, but we are winning.

The resistance must focus on achieving victory in Gaza.

I say to our people in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, to all the Palestinian people and the resistance peoples of the region, and to those whose hearts beat for the oppressed. If you are responsible, please be patient and consider the sacrifices we make in the sight of Allah and in the way of Allah, the result will be victory if Allah allows.

Translation: V. Sergeev

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