Western Standard : America is on the brink of a Second Civil War

Western Standard : America is on the brink of a Second Civil War
Western Standard : America is on the brink of a Second Civil War

/Pogled.info/ Is the United States of America in a Second Civil War?

The US has never been more polarized since the 19th century.

The days of a united nation – united to defeat a common enemy are a distant memory of a bygone era.

Both Democrats and Republicans are pointing fingers at each other, accusing each other of undermining democracy. When democracy is at stake, and the pinnacle of democracy is the freedoms we value, it is a warning sign of large-scale conflict.

It’s human instinct to react to bad news, and it’s easier to look back to a more optimistic 2008, when Barack Obama and John McCain offered messages of hope.

I say this, but it’s hard to look back today when the two likely presidential candidates in the upcoming election are so opposite.

Donald Trump’s rhetoric

The GOP frontrunner’s rhetoric is known for his aggressive approach to winning elections. Breaking the accepted norms of political debate was how he won in 2016.

In the final days of his presidency, Trump gave a fiery speech to supporters in Washington. Two hours later, rioters stormed the Capitol in what many called an attack on democracy.

The former president’s involvement in the unrest has been disputed, but federal prosecutors believed there was a case to indict him.

The last days of Trump’s rule were forgotten, and until recently, so was the former president. The four indictments and civil lawsuits that came out of nowhere, however, have changed all that, and Trump is now emboldening his followers by issuing threats in capital letters.

Perhaps the problem would not be so big if the 77-year-old candidate had little chance of winning. But Trump has a commanding lead in the Republican primary race, and recent polls have tied his chances with incumbent Joe Biden. Elections, likely to be a rematch of 2020, are approaching.

Is a civil war coming?

Frankly, it’s unlikely that Biden or his supporters will react in a manner similar to Trump and his loyalists if the Democrat loses the election next year.

Biden resigned himself to the status of a “transitional candidate” long before he entered the White House, and may have been forced to run again only because of the unpopularity of Kamala Harris, the vice president and natural successor.

For Trump, this is the last chance. If he wins, his term is limited; if he doesn’t win, he will with a record 1 of 2 [както е в спорта, бел. пр.] for a candidate in his 80s.

Chances are, there will be no Trump 2028. If he is adamant about returning to the White House, what realistic options would he have other than resorting to drastic measures?

Can we then say that the US is in the midst of a Second Civil War?


And can it be said that the USA is on the brink of a Second Civil War?


Translation: Dr. Radko Khandzhiev

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