Haskovo and 15 other settlements in the district elect a mayor – Haskovo and Kardjali

Haskovo and 15 other settlements in the district elect a mayor – Haskovo and Kardjali
Haskovo and 15 other settlements in the district elect a mayor – Haskovo and Kardjali

Haskovo district center is electing a mayor today. There is also a runoff for mayor of Simeonovgrad municipality. In the second round, governors and 14 more settlements from the Haskovo region are to be elected: 7 Haskovo villages, Merichleri ​​town and 5 Dimitrovgrad villages, as well as Topolovgrad’s Sinapovo.

There are 75,951 voters in the municipality of Haskovo, with 60,721 in the city, the Municipal Election Commission reports. There are 152 sections, and in 136 you can vote on paper or by machine.

In the municipality of Haskovo, the mayors of 7 villages will be determined by a runoff: Vaglarovo, Klokotnitsa, Krivo Pole, Malevo, Knizhovnik, Gorno Vojvodino and Mandra.

The most disputed are the political fights in the villages of Gorno Vojvodino and Klokotnitsa. In the first round, the difference in the result between the two contenders for the mayoral seat in Gorno Vojvodino was only two votes – 45 to 43, and in the village of Klokotnica – 5 votes. 108 of the voters voted for one of the candidates who qualified for the runoff, and 103 for the second. 460 were the voters on the list in the only section in Klokotnitsa. 297 votes were cast, 8 of which were invalid ballots and two marked “I do not support anyone”.

The town of Merichleri ​​and 5 Dimitrovgrad villages are electing their mayors today: Zlato Pole, Dobrich, Krepost, Chernogorovo and Briast.

The runoffs for the villages of Chernogorovo and Zlato Pole are expected to be disputed, where the difference between the candidates in the first round is 4 votes each – in Chernogorovo 215 against 211 votes, in Zlato Pole – 137 against 133 votes. The difference between the contenders in the village of Bryasto is 6 votes – 48 to 42 votes. In Montenegro, there are 785 registered voters, 446 voted in the first round, 14 were invalid ballots and 6 indicated they did not support anyone. In Zlato Pole, there were 457 voters, and 331 participated in the first round. 6 were invalid ballots.

In the municipality of Topolovgrad, a second round is coming in a village – Sinapovo.

250 police officers take care of order and peace for the second round of the local elections, reported the ODMVR-Haskovo. A passport office will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. today.

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