Fake Live Debate | XNEWS

Fake Live Debate | XNEWS
Fake Live Debate | XNEWS

We are a day and night away from the end of yet another madness called an election.

However, today is a day for reflection, and the voter has a runoff. That’s how he feels after watching a fake live debate, one cable box at a time, in a regional town. Well, it’s fake because the live debate, it turns out, was recorded. And the “multi-million” viewers of the cable company even hoped to let them on the phone with live questions to the candidates.

After such a “live”, respected participants in debates, an electorate is lost, the same applies to the audience of the cable company – and it will be lost. Only Svedalina is live if you want to know.

Fake or not, the Bulgarian voter is keenly interested in whether the “assembly” will fall apart after the local vote. Nachi, local elections are capable of triggering new parliamentary ones.

Raozkovniceto is the mayor’s chair of our growing but not aging capital – Sofia. If we look at what is happening in Razgrad as well, the fight looks like a standoff between Cornelia and Boyko, as if they were caught in the last waltz of democracy.

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