We didn’t deserve to win today

We didn’t deserve to win today
We didn’t deserve to win today

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez was quite critical of his players despite the 1-0 success away to Real Sociedad. He stated that his team did not deserve to win this match. According to him, the reason for this performance is that the team has not yet shaken off the loss in El Clasico.

“At the moment I feel the exact opposite of last week. Real deserved the win much more. People only look at the results, but not us. Last week we played very well, but not today. Today we have to be self-critical. We didn’t play well. We don’t we handled the passing of the ball. It’s like El Clasico affected us negatively. It’s like we still have a hangover from that game. The first 20 minutes are unacceptable, I didn’t expect them. Sociedad have a very strong midfield. They’re a great team. This win has a big value, but not achieved in the way we want,” Xavi said.

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“Today’s game is an example of what we shouldn’t do. Especially in the first half. There’s no question, it can’t happen. But to win when you don’t play well is a sign of a championship mentality. This is a golden victory. “She will give us back our confidence after El Clasico. That loss affected us negatively,” added the coach.

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