Sunny weather today, but within hours a serious change is coming

Sunny weather today, but within hours a serious change is coming
Sunny weather today, but within hours a serious change is coming

The weather today will be mostly sunny, in the morning hours in some places in the valleys and around the water basins with short-term fog. Cloudiness will increase from the west after noon and rain will fall in northwest areas by midnight. A weak, moderate southwesterly wind will blow in Eastern Bulgaria and in the Pre-Balkans, which in the evening in Northwestern Bulgaria will temporarily shift from west-northwest. Maximum temperatures will be between 18° and 23°, in Sofia around 19°.

It will be mostly sunny over the mountains, after noon the clouds will increase from the west. A stormy wind will blow from the southwest, which will turn from the west in the evening. The maximum temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters will be around 14°, at 2000 meters – around 7°.

It will be mostly sunny over the Black Sea. A moderate south-southwest wind will blow. Maximum temperatures will be 20°-23°. The temperature of the sea water is 18°-19°, north of Cape Kaliakra about 15°. The excitement of the sea will be 2-3 points.

On the night of Monday from west to east there will be temporary increases in cloudiness and it will rain in isolated places. The wind from the northwest will increase to moderate. On Monday, the clouds will quickly decrease to sunny and the wind will decrease. The minimum temperatures will be between 8° and 13°, and the maximum – between 18° and 23°. Tuesday will be mostly sunny and mostly quiet. In the morning, visibility will be reduced in places in the lowlands. Temperatures will remain almost unchanged. On Wednesday, a light southerly wind will blow, before noon it will be sunny, and in the afternoon, with the strengthening of the wind from the northwest, cold air will invade. The cloudiness will also increase in the evening and there will be precipitation in many places in the country on the night of Thursday. On Thursday, the rain will stop, the clouds will break and decrease, the wind will remain from the northwest, gradually weakening. Cool weather with minimum temperatures between 5° and 10° and maximum – between 11° and 16°. On Friday, it will be mostly sunny, in the morning it will be almost quiet and the minimum temperatures will drop by another 2-3 degrees, and during the day, with a weak south-westerly wind, warming will begin. On Saturday, the warming will continue, cloudiness will increase from the west, but the probability of precipitation is small.

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