Jeff Bezos Is the Newest Inhabitant of the ‘Billionaire Bunker’

Jeff Bezos Is the Newest Inhabitant of the ‘Billionaire Bunker’
Jeff Bezos Is the Newest Inhabitant of the ‘Billionaire Bunker’

After 29 years in Seattle, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced that he and his fiancee Lauren Sanchez are moving to Miami.

The official reason is that his parents recently moved back to Florida so he wants to be closer to them.

“I’ve lived in Seattle longer than anywhere else and have so many amazing memories here,” Bezos wrote on social media. “As exciting as the move is, it’s an emotional decision for me. Seattle, you will always have a place in my heart.”

However, the decision may not be just for sentimental reasons, since in recent months the billionaire bought two huge mansions in Indian Creek, called the “Billionaire Bunker”, located on an artificial island in Biscayne Bay with draconian security measures, Insider writes.

One of the properties has 7 bedrooms and costs $79 million. It is located in close proximity to the other waterfront mansion that the billionaire bought for $68 million earlier this summer.

Indian Creek is ranked by Zillow as the most expensive neighborhood in the US in 2021.

As the name “Billionaire Bunker” suggests, Bezos’ new, exclusive neighborhood is home to a handful of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, in other words, some of the richest people on the planet. Among them are investor Carl Icahn, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

Because of its elite residents, the private island has ironclad security rules.

Bezos’ planned move is another example of the trend of more billionaires moving to the tax-friendly state of Florida.

Over the past two decades, the number of Forbes 400 members whose primary residence is in the Sunshine State has doubled to 46, as billionaires such as financier Ken Griffin and Paychex founder Tom Golisano have moved from Chicago and near Rochester, respectively. New York. With Bezos, their total number grew to 47.

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