Vote, everyone out makes the scam attempts pointless

Vote, everyone out makes the scam attempts pointless
Vote, everyone out makes the scam attempts pointless

Maybe Borisov once again joked that GERB would support me, I am counting on the people of Sofia who want a better road to the city, announced the candidate of PP-DB (Save Sofia) in front of his section

The candidate for mayor of PP-DB for Sofia, Vasil Terziev, voted.

He arrived precisely at 9:00 a.m. at his polling station in the capital’s “Mladost” district, and his opponent Vanya Grigorova was the first to exercise her right to vote already at 7:30 a.m. in the “Hristo Botev” district.

It is also very important who will be the regional mayors, Terziev reminded.

The next corrective one is in 4 years, it is very important that everyone participates in the management of the city with their voice, urged Terziev.

He voted by machine. You saw what happened last Sunday – over 500 thousand invalid votes is abnormal, that’s 15-16% of all. It also turned out that in this school there are sections in which I have zero votes, the leader announced after the first round. Every single vote makes sense of what is happening as outrages on the chain, vote, he urged again.

I will get the job done – that’s how he answered the question why he should be mayor. He believes he can win. He admitted that many people are demotivated by the manipulations. I am ambitious.

If people get out and vote, they make the work of those who do the fraud null and void. He is convinced that those who trusted the machine voting did not lose it.

We will enter the neighborhoods, Terziev promised. But for this purpose, you need to have an active, hardworking and honest mayor in place who works in sync with the central administration, he added. Regardless of which mayor is elected, we will work to ensure that there are no second-hand neighborhoods, Terziev vowed.

Maybe Borisov was joking. He jokes every day, so I don’t know what mood he woke up in – this is how the PP-DB candidate commented on Boyko Borisov’s words from Friday, that even though it “doesn’t come from within him”, he will support him.

I rely on the votes of the people of Sofia, who see in my candidacy and that of our regional mayors a better way to fix the neighborhoods and give this city a boost, Terziev answered the question whether he relies on the support of GERB.

At exactly 7 in the morning, election day began. It ends at 8 p.m., and the time can be extended by one hour – only if there is a queue of people in front of the section who did not manage to exercise their right to vote before the deadline.

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