Will Asen Vassilev be able to vote today?

Will Asen Vassilev be able to vote today?
Will Asen Vassilev be able to vote today?
A prosecutor’s investigation is ongoing into the case of Minister Asen Vasilev not being allowed to vote in Haskovo in the first round of the elections. This was confirmed by the Chairman of the Municipal Election Commission (MEC) Dobromir Yakimov at a briefing.

Then the commission in the 28th section in Haskovo refused Vassilev to exercise his right to vote due to lack of seat. I was very surprised last Friday when they called me to give explanations. Why do they want us to explain why we followed the law, Yakimov asked.

To my question on what grounds this file was created, the police inspector answered that it was created by a prosecutor’s decree, explained Yakimov.

I don’t know what exactly is being investigated, there is not even an election violation in this case, much less evidence of a crime. They required a lot of documents, we agreed on November 7 to provide everything. I have written a motivated explanation to the prosecutor’s office, Yakimov added.

He recalled that the letter from the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, which refers to a debate to discuss gaps in the legislation specifically in the direction of obstacles to the exercise of the vote, has been withdrawn.

The Central Electoral Commission also decreed that we strictly follow the rules regarding residency, Yakimov noted. When asked whether Minister Vasilev will be able to vote in the second round, Yakimov replied that there is no evidence that the situation has changed since the first round.

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