Election day live: two-thirds of municipalities elect their mayor in a runoff – Local elections 2023


Vasil Terziev thinks he is better than his competitor because he will get the job done

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Vasil Terziev, nominated by “Continuing the change – Democratic Bulgaria” and “Save Sofia” as a candidate for mayor of Sofia, commented after his vote in the capital’s “Mladost” district that the people of Sofia should come out to vote because “the next correctional election is in 4 years and it is very important that everyone participates in the governance of the city through their voice”.

He assessed his chances of becoming mayor of the capital as high.

He voted by machine, commenting that it was “abnormal” to have around 500,000 invalid ballots after the first round of local elections. “My hope is that people will understand that the power is within them,” he emphasized in response to a question about election fraud and recalled that the school where he voted in the first round had a section in which he, according to the official protocol of the section election commission did not receive a single vote.

Asked why he is the better candidate than Vanya Grigorova, he noted that it is because “I will get the job done.”

He promised that there would be no “second-hand districts and second-hand district mayors”, bearing in mind the previous practice that districts of Sofia whose mayors are not from the same party as the mayor and the majority in the Metropolitan Municipal Council are not taken care of in the way this is done for those whose mayors are from the same party.

In connection with the support that at the last moment the leader of GERB Boyko Borisov decided to give him for the second round, although “it does not come from within”, Terziev noted ironically that Borisov may have been joking and does not know what mood he is in today has woken up.

When asked when the Monument to the Soviet Army in the center of Sofia will be removed, Vasil Terziev indicated that this process is already underway and that this is within the prerogatives of the regional administration of the capital. “I forgot the crystal ball to tell you,” he said in response to a journalist’s question when the monument will actually be dismantled.

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