Alexa: Victory is never at any cost

Alexa: Victory is never at any cost
Alexa: Victory is never at any cost

My great victory is my wife Elitzasaid the “Games of the Will” Season 4 winner

Victory is never at any cost. It’s my big win wifemy Elitza, “Games on willshe” is just a piece of the puzzle of our great love. We begin to play the most interesting and most difficult game called life. I would choose an honest loss than a dirty game”. That’s what he said Alexa Ersky, winner in “Games on willta” season 4 shows NOVA. “If it wasn’t for Elitza, I would never have gone to “Games on willso“, he said Alexa.

According to Alexa one loses battlewhen he surrendered, when he had not done all he could. The refraction of willthat is enough to lose the race. “For a moment don’t you have self-confidence and don’t believe that you are winner, you’ve already lost. I have won many times thanks to my Serbian stubbornness”he added winneryat c reality shows showit. He said his adaptability helped him win. He admitted that accepting an Iranian athlete in his team was a blow against him. “One a politician must possess constancy and honor. Faith and future are the words that unite.”

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