No major changes to wholesale prices in our country

No major changes to wholesale prices in our country
No major changes to wholesale prices in our country

According to data from the State Commission on Commodity Exchanges and Auctions, the commercial prices of food products in Bulgaria do not undergo significant changes, reports BTA.

The Commercial Price Index (CPI)reflecting wholesale grocery prices, increases by 0.64% this period, reaching 2.206 points after being at 2.192 points a week ago. At the beginning of the year, the ITC was 2,316 points, reaching a maximum of 2,480 points in early March.

Greenhouse cucumbers are kept as an exception, and their price increases by 13.9% to BGN 2.29 per kilogram. At the same time, the price of tomatoes fell by 3.6% to BGN 3.26 per kilogram. The price of potatoes rose by 6.7% to BGN 1.28 per kilogram.

Imported apples decreased by 5.8% and were traded at BGN 1.80 per kilogramwhile bananas increased by 0.7% to BGN 2.91 per kilogram.

The price of cow’s cheese increased by 0.5% and is available at BGN 11.42 per kilogram, while “Vitosha” cheese decreased by 0.3% to BGN 17.35 per kilogram.

The latest price data reports that the price of fresh milk increased by 0.5% and reached BGN 2.19 per liter. At the same time, chicken meat fell by 1.6% and was offered at 6.34 BGN per kilogram, while eggs (size M) increased by 1 cent and traded at 0.34 BGN per piece.

In the cereal category, rice decreased by 1.3%, reaching BGN 3.14 per kilogram. Lentils decreased by 0.7% to BGN 4.17 per kilogram, and mature beans fell by 0.5% and traded at BGN 4.12 per kilogram.

The price of the closed positions showed a decrease by 3.7%, reaching BGN 2.87 per liter, while flour type 500 decreased by 4.3% to BGN 1.35 per kilogram. The price of cow butter in a package of 125 grams increased by 3.3%, reaching BGN 2.52 per piece.

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