I don’t know what mood Borisov woke up in today

I don’t know what mood Borisov woke up in today
I don’t know what mood Borisov woke up in today

I thank all the citizens of Sofia who have already voted and appeal to those who have not voted to do so. The next revision is in 4 years. This was announced by the candidate for mayor of Sofia, Vasil Terziev, nominated by PP-DB/Save Sofia, after exercising his right to vote.

He chose to vote by machine.

Terziev arrived precisely at 9 o’clock at his polling station in the capital’s “Mladost” district. He was closely followed by his wife and several health workers.

It is also very important who will be the regional mayors, Terziev reminded.

“You saw what happened last Sunday – over 500,000 invalid votes is abnormal, that’s 15-16% of all votes. It also turned out that there are sections in this school where I have zero votes,” said Terziev, commenting on why he chose to vote by machine.

“I strongly believe that if the people of Sofia come out to vote, it will not matter. Every single vote makes the outrages meaningless,” he added.

I will get the job done – that’s how he answered the question why he should be mayor. He believes he can win. He admitted that many people are demotivated by the manipulations. I am ambitious, he said.

“We’re going to go into the neighborhoods, but really. For that to happen, you have to have an honest mayor in place who works well with the central administration. One of the bad practices I’m going to break is favoritism – my mayor, your mayor he promised.

The candidate of the urban right showed no particular willingness regarding the support expressed by GERB leader Boyko Borisov for him a few days ago.

Asked what he thought of Boyko Borisov’s comment that he would support his candidacy, even though it didn’t come from within him, he said: “Maybe he was joking. He jokes every day, so I don’t know what mood he woke up in today.” .

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