EXCLUSIVE! The Election Studio of PIK TV begins – see hot data about the run-offs in the country (LIVE)

EXCLUSIVE! The Election Studio of PIK TV begins – see hot data about the run-offs in the country (LIVE)
EXCLUSIVE! The Election Studio of PIK TV begins – see hot data about the run-offs in the country (LIVE)

The election studio of PIK TV begins! At exactly 12.00 o’clock we start with hot data about the run-offs across the country.

Expect Prof. Mihail Konstantinov, Prof. Antoaneta Hristova, Prof. Tanya Burudzhieva, Georgi Harizanov, Daniel Bozhilov, Nikolay Barekov, Prof. Tsvetanka Andreeva, Mira Radeva, Borislav Tsekov, Valentin Kardamski, Ivelin Nikolov, Strahil Angelov, Ivan Geshev, Stefan Tashev, Nedyalko Nedyalkov, Asen Rashkov, Georgi Markov, Vezhdi Rashidov…

The editor-in-chief of PIK Asen Rashkov reported the current data as of 11 a.m. Two sociological agencies report the data for Sofia. According to one, 51% voted for Vasil Terziev, 45.5% for Vanya Grigorova. According to the other sociological agency, Vasil Terziev has 50.7% against 45% for Vanya Grigorova.

Unfortunately, voter turnout in Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv is very low. But hardly anyone is surprised by this fact.

“It’s illusory to talk about elections. It’s some kind of race. Two neighborhoods of Sofia decide the outcome of the elections,” noted the publisher and owner of PIK Nedyalko Nedyalkov.

“Most likely, the mayor of the capital will be elected with about 30% of the electorate – about 250,000-300,000 people. This is a slap to the party leadership. It shows that people do not believe. This is a massive, powerful slap to the entire political leadership . Power both locally and nationally will henceforth be unrepresentative. There is probably already a bargain going on who is with whom in the Metropolitan Municipal Council. People should know that the power is elected by a crafty minority and by the party sects that have a direct economic interest in the distribution of posts. And the ordinary Bulgarian, not tempted by posts, does not like to go to the polls. There is a crisis of democracy as in 1994,” he also stated.

“Tonight everyone will announce success, I am convinced. Both Vanya Grigorova and Boyko Borisov… Everyone will be winners tonight. The truth is that the parties are losing, the people, the state are losing, the mafia is winning,” said Nedyalko Nedyalkov.

According to PIK journalist Tsvetan Fikov, the mayor will be elected “by the vote of the disgusted”: “In Sofia, we are once again faced with the choice – to choose this one so that it is not that one”.

“I am a Sofia woman who has the right to vote. But she did not go to vote in either the first or the second round. Because for years I have seen how this charade, this political centrifuge, is played out, millions are spent on an election campaign, but in the end is there anyone to choose?! I can’t give my trust to any of the candidates for mayor of the capital,” said the top journalist Sonya Koltuklieva in her turn.

She pointed out that the participation of the police and the government in the vote in the first round made a particularly unpleasant impression: “They tried to blow everything up. You remember last week what happened on Thursday-Friday. Unheard-of scandals between the government and DANS. And Prime Minister Denkov called an emergency press conference to repeat like a parrot what Kiril Petkov and Lena Borislavova have been asking for months – for Plamen Tonchev, the chairman of DANS, to go. Why? Because they don’t like him”.

Koltuklieva noted that the Boykorashianism obviously continues in the local elections as well. “There will be no change. It is shameful that this is happening in our dear homeland,” she said.

Nedyalko Nedyalkov recalled the “strange” behavior of the GERB leader, who first called to vote for Vanya Grigorova, and at 6:10 on Friday he called to vote “with disgust” for Vasil Terziev.

“Borislav Tsekov, whom I respect very much, said that Borisov’s words were verbal code. This is very interesting, because I am not used to talking with allegories in politics. It is key to know why Borisov reversed his vote. Is this true , which the PIK agency claims that they met with Kiril Petkov in Bankya and Sofia was traded there. Is there any intervention from the Embassy, ​​how did Borisov turn around at the last moment and what does it mean to “vote with disgust?” Does a ship float or “think about it, sister-in-law”, noted Nedyalkov.

Koltuklieva stated that the vote was certainly traded. “For months, arrangements between GERB and PPDB for Vasil Terziev have been going on. Probably because of this, a popular but unelectable person like Anton Hekimyan was nominated. He made a pretty good deal – he left Bi Ti Vi will most likely end up in Brussels next year as an MEP with a high salary. This is what we have seen.”

“This political poker discourages people from voting. And more and more people will not vote as long as such political behavior continues,” Nedyalko Nedyalkov pointed out.

“I would just like to tell our people who are watching that Kiril Petkov again this morning made a unique advertisement for the PIK agency and told the reporter Tsveti Borisova: “An interview for any other media, but not for PIK”. I thank him, that distinguishes us from “any other media”… The silence is truly disgraceful, the situation is unprecedented. Imagine a sitting minister filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office that his acting boss threatened him. Not a single media outlet said that. Can to have a bigger scandal than this? How will these people work in this government from tomorrow? The Gendarmerie protects a minister from the mandate holder, while the SDVR protects him from Putin with patrols that stand 24/7 in front of his apartment on Shishman Street, Nedyalko said Nedyalkov.


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