The dollar is again cheaper – how much is the exchange rate today – how much is it falling

The dollar is again cheaper – how much is the exchange rate today – how much is it falling
The dollar is again cheaper – how much is the exchange rate today – how much is it falling

On the currency market, for several days in a row, a downward trend in the value of the dollar was observed. The official exchange rate will begin to lose value from the beginning of the introduction of managed flexibility. This is explained by a combination of certain factors.

What are the reasons why the dollar exchange rate is depreciating

According to the economist Yaroslava Jalila, transmits 24 Channelthe hryvnia is now strengthening, and the dollar is falling. One of the reasons for this is international financial assistance.

Yaroslav Zhalilo

Economist, deputy director of the National Institute of Strategic Research

For different channels, this is both grant and loan assistance. These funds that come in are then poured into the Ukrainian market, and accordingly they saturate the demand for currency in the interbank market.

  • The inflow of foreign currencies will contribute to the revival of exports in the fall. Despite the fact that the situation with the export of grain is complicated, there are other mechanisms that allow the export of grain.
  • The cyclicality of the currency market – this is the hour when taxes are paid quarterly. Correspondingly, small currency trading businesses that have kept it, are “selling” their money on the currency market. This also strengthens the hryvnia.

Economist Ilya Neskhodovsky added to the comments 24 Kanalu, what is the main impact of changes in hryvnias, National Bank has. All because, compared to the previous month, the regulator sold currencies for 1 billion dollars more and compared to the average level – 1.5 billion dollars more.

Ilya Neskhodovskyi

Economist, head of the ANTS analytical network

However, gold and currency reserves decreased to 39 billion. Logically, I don’t explain it, but it’s the main reason why.

And what about the exchange rate on the cash market

  • At the banks: as of the morning of November 3, according to “Ministry of Finance” data, the purchase of a cash dollar averaged 37.4 hryvnias, and the sale – 37.9 hryvnias.
  • In exchangers: I buy dollars on average at par 37.45 hryvniasand sale – 37.85 hryvniasaccording to
  • On the black market: I buy dollars on average at par 37.64 hryvniasand sale – 37.75 bracelets.

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