Uneducated and illiterate members of the SIK in Plovdiv

Uneducated and illiterate members of the SIK in Plovdiv
Uneducated and illiterate members of the SIK in Plovdiv

Some of the members of the sectional commissions in Plovdiv turned out to be untrained and even illiterate, NOVA reported.

Rositsa Lekova, the deputy chairman of 73 SIK-Plovdiv, stated that half of the commission is untrained. The chairman does not know what to do, she added.

In one of the sections, a scandal even broke out because of an untrained and appointed chairman of the SEC at the last minute.

The 83-year-old Vasil Vassilev, chairman of the 73rd SIK-Plovdiv, claimed until now that he participated in elections as a member of a committee. Two days ago, they invited him as a neighbor to become chairman, since the previous one refused.

However, he admits that he “doesn’t understand things”.

“I’m reading the materials, but it’s hard to understand. Tonight they don’t want to take me to the fair to carry the sacks,” Vassilev told “Dnes”, but he believes that nearly BGN 200 for participating in the elections is welcome as a supplement to the pension.

His predecessor on the first tour was a young man who also didn’t understand anything.

The secretary of the neighboring commission, who has to fill out the election papers and protocols, turned out to be illiterate.

Rositsa Lekova herself has been in the elections for 20 years and is adamant that literate, qualified people should be appointed to the commissions.

Although voting machines can be used in the runoff, more voters for now prefer to cast their vote with a paper ballot. Voter turnout is twice as low as in the first round.

Two contenders continue in the battle for Plovdiv. A little after 8.30, the candidate for mayor of GERB, Kostadin Dimitrov, cast his first right to vote. Do it with a paper ballot. An hour later, the candidate for mayor of Plovdiv, nominated by Continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria, Prof. Ivaylo Staribratov, cast his vote. He chose the machine vote.

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