Dermendzhiev faces his 20th opponent in the elite

Dermendzhiev faces his 20th opponent in the elite
Dermendzhiev faces his 20th opponent in the elite

Today, Georgi Dermendzhiev faces his 20th opponent in the First League as coach of Ludogorets, writes “Mach Telegraf”. Against each of the 19 so far, his balance is positive. It was most difficult for him against Dunav, where the advantage came only from the goal difference. Outside of it, out of 4 matches, the numbers show one win for the team and two draws. His opponent on the coaching bench in these matches was Veselin Velikov. There are seven teams against which Dermendzhiev has not lost any points – Montana, Lokomotiv Gorna Oryahovitsa, Vereya, Marek, Haskovo, Vitosha and Heber. Of these teams, the most convincing is against Montana – 4 wins from 4 games.

Ludogorets takes revenge after the hooks from the rookies

See what the stats are

The most – 9 times – Georgi Dermendzhiev’s Ludogorets has played against CSKA, Botev Pd, Beroe and Lokomotiv Pd. Interestingly, the only opponent from this bracket against whom he has not lost is CSKA. Against the “reds” they have 5 wins and 4 draws with a goal difference of 14:4. Interestingly, he did not lose to them as coach of Levski in the spring of 2019, as in the two derbies the “blues” recorded a 1:0 success, as well as a 0:0 draw.

There is not a single team in the elite against which Dermendzhiev has more than two losses.

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