A partial disaster situation in several Silistre villages after yesterday’s tornado


A partial state of emergency has been declared for the villages of Dolets, Prohlada, Kolober and Taslakovo, after yesterday’s tornado passed through the municipality of Dulovo, in the Silistre region. The wind speed was over 20 meters per second.

A committee from the Municipality is already visiting the victims in order to assess the damage and send the data to the Interdepartmental Commission. Roofs, electric poles and trees were blown away by the wind.

Electricity has been partially restored in the center of the village, where the polling station is located. It will take a week to turn on the electricity everywhere in the settlement.

There is a registered death in the neighboring village of Sekulovo. A man has died after a shed from an outbuilding fell on him. A pre-trial proceeding was established to clarify the nature of the incident – whether it was a work accident or a consequence of the storm.

After the storm – report by Nezabravka Kirova

Despite the disaster, elections are being held in Dolets today. In the first round, the candidates had a difference of two votes. The residents of the village are adamant that they will vote because life goes on.

Activity is identical to last weekreported the sectional election commission in the village, but the fear from yesterday still exists.

Listen to the report in the sound file.

Photos: Nezabravka Kirova, BNR

Zoya Dimitrova worked on the publication

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