Radev after the machine vote: Today we determine the appearance of local government and our future


“Today we all determine the face of local government and our future, so we must not allow the public focus to be altered,” said President Rumen Radev after voting by machine.

“I voted for the dignified future of Sofia and for the responsible management of our country,” said the head of state.


“I call on citizens not to allow themselves to be isolated from the electoral process. We must vote en masse, because our future depends on each one of us,” Radev was categorical.


“I hope that after these elections a thorough analysis of everything that happened will be done so that it does not happen again.” The responsible institutions should do an analysis and a clear report to see where things went wrong to get to this low voter turnout,” he said.


“My call is for the institutions to do everything possible to restore confidence in the elections, including in the machines. This is important because they have proven their effectiveness in the fight against invalid voting,” Radev emphasized.


According to him, there should be changes in the Electoral Code, but not every National Assembly could deal with it, because the voters and the authorities were confused.


“The institutions involved in the elections must do everything possible to guarantee the vote, that there is clarification and that every single vote is correctly accounted for,” concluded Radev.

The president did not want to comment on the requested resignation of DANS head Plamen Tonchev by Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov.

The article is in bulgaria

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