LIVE: Grigor Dimitrov – Novak Djokovic 3:3 – Tennis – Men

LIVE: Grigor Dimitrov – Novak Djokovic 3:3 – Tennis – Men
LIVE: Grigor Dimitrov – Novak Djokovic 3:3 – Tennis – Men

Grigor Dimitrov and Novak Djokovic play to score 3:3 in the grand final of the Masters series tournament in the French capital, Paris. The meeting in the Bersi hall starts at 16:00 and you will be able to follow it live on the website


1:0 The match started with a serve by the Bulgarian. The first play sent out, and then Djokovic hit the net and the score was 15:15. Grisho had problems with scoring the first serve, it came to 30:30. Djokovic made a backhand error, but then took the point after the longest game to date – 40:40 already in the first game. Grigor then finally hit a powerful first serve and made it as difficult as possible for the Serbian, then managed to win his serve and take the lead.

1:1 Djokovic started with an ace, then made an unprovoked error, sending the ball into the out – 15:15. The Serbian was again unconvincing and Grisho took the point. And this game went to 30:30. Grigor showed incredible defense, but in the end, Djokovic came to the net and released a short ball that the Bulgarian could not handle. He then won his serve after a strong serve.

2:1 The game did not start well for Grigor Dimitrov, who still had problems with his first serve. Djokovic led with 30:15, but the Haskovic managed to score a powerful opening shot and equalized. Then he took the lead by leaving no chances to the opponent with an excellent forehand. A good play followed, in which Grisho controlled the situation and managed to win the game.

2:2 The Serbian started with a double fault. After that, he was not convincing again and Grisho took the initiative with 30:0. Djokovic came forward and got back in the game with a great volley. A strong kick-off followed and 30:30. Nole was able to close his play.

3:2 The Bulgarian was also not decisive on his serve from the start of the match. The game reached 30:30, and then Grisho came forward to the net and pressed Djokovic, who sent the ball out. So Grisho got a chance to win his serve and he did it with a good serve that Djokovic couldn’t return.

3:3 Grigor was unable to cope with his opponent’s serves and trailed by 0:30. Then he also sends the ball into the net. Djokovic had no problems closing his serve to zero.

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