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The teams of Ludogorets and Krumovgrad are playing with a score of 1:0 in a match of the 16th round of the efbet League. Lwadvo Dua opened the scoring for the hosts in the 16th minute. The match at the Huevefarma Arena stadium starts at 15:30 and you can watch it live on DIEMA SPORT 2, as well as online on PLAY DIEMA XTRA. will follow the match live minute by minute.

The match at “Huvefarma Arena” started with a territorial advantage for the hosts, who, however, had a hard time finding clear positions in front of Blagoi Makendzhiev’s goal. It made an impression that the players of Ludogorets mostly attacked on the left flank, where Caio Vidal was operating. It was he who created the first interesting situation in front of one of the two doors. Vidal broke through well and drifted into the Krumovgrad penalty area, but his cross was blocked by Ryan Senhaji.

It was Vidal who was at the heart of the first card in the match, which Kaloyan Pehlivanov received. The defender illegally stopped the footballer and the home team and was booked in yellow.

The Eagles’ pressure did pay off in the 16th minute when Kwadwo Dua scored. After another switch from Caio Vidal on the left, the ball was centered in the penalty area, where Bozhidar Katsarov played a header and deflected it into the path of Spas Delev at the far post. The attacking player of the home team immediately combined with Kwadwo Dua in front of the goal line with a header, and the striker easily scored.

Initially, the side judge called an offside, and his decision was respected by the head referee. However, after reviewing the situation with VAR, it became clear that there was a clear error by the refereeing team and in the end the goal was correctly counted.

After the conceded goal, the Krumovgrad team definitely picked up the pace and took their game to more advanced positions. Several crosses in the penalty area by the people of Razgrad followed, but they did not pose a problem for Sluga. In the 31st minute, the visitors won a free kick in front of the Ludogorets penalty area, but its performance was weak and Alex Kolev’s shot was blocked.

In the minutes to the end of the first half, the game at “Huvefarma Arena” was interrupted, and the frequent interruptions definitely disrupted the rhythm of both teams.

Similar to the first part, the second half also started with pressure from Ludogorets. Georgi Dermendzhiev’s footballers settled permanently in their opponent’s half and got to several corners, with which, however, they did not trouble Blagoi Makendzhiev. The visitors’ goalkeeper himself was very close to complicating his situation on the field in the 52nd minute. The ball was cut back to Macendbuev, who failed to clear well and sent it into the path of Quayo Vidal. The attacking football player of Ludogorets decided to shoot with his head immediately, but his shot did not succeed and the guard of Krumovgrad stipulated.

In the 59th minute of the meeting, Jakub Piotrovski and Bernard Tekpetei appeared in the game for Ludogorets, and this significantly moved the game of the hosts. Just two minutes after coming on, Tekpetei had an opportunity to shoot after Piotrovski’s pass, but his diagonal shot was saved by Makendzhiev.

In the 64th minute, Gonsalves found Son perfectly on the right flank, the defender took control and immediately found the uncovered Tekpetei in the penalty area. The striker shoots hard, but in the reach of the goalkeeper, who deflects it.

A little later, Ludogorets scored a second goal in the match, which, however, was disallowed due to an ambush. Bernard Tekpetei crossed at the near post where Nedyalkov was able to deflect it to Kwadwo Dua. After the striker’s shot, the ball hit the left side post and ended up in Verdon, who shot just right and converted. However, with Nedyalkov’s pass to Dua, the striker found himself behind the visitors’ defense. The situation was discussed at length with VAR and in the end the goal was disallowed.


1:0 Dua 16′

Ludogorets: 12 Simon Sluga, 3 Anton Nedyalkov, 8 Claude Gonsalves, 9 Quadvo Dua, 17 Son, 22 Franco Russo, 24 Olivier Verdon, 30 Pedro Naresi, 77 Caio Vidal, 90 Spas Delev, 99 Ruan Cruz

Head coach: Georgi Dermendzhiev

Krumovgrad: 21 Blagoi Makendzhiev, 3 Kaloyan Pehlivanov, 72 Ryan Senhadji, 91 Vyacheslav Velev, 5 Matej Shimich, 44 Bozhidar Katsarov, 88 Renan Carvalho, 14 Daniel Milanovich, 2 Juniet Ali, 23 Dimitar Tonev, 9 Alexander Kolev

Head coach: Stanislav Genchev

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