A child asked Putin if he was Putin. He answered him VIDEO


On the Day of People’s Unity, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a short meeting with volunteers, as well as with children of Russian soldiers who died in the zone of the Northern Military District in Ukraine. The meeting was held in Red Square.

After the meeting, a traditional photo was taken.

After the conclusion, the boy behind whom Putin was positioned during the photo asked a question that puzzled the Russian leader.

The relevant video was shared on the Telegram channel of Paved Zarubin, a journalist from the Rossiya TV channel.

“And you, what, are you Putin?!” asked the boy, who looked to be about 7 years old.

“Yes, for now, yes,” Putin remarked, hesitating slightly.

At the same time, Putin himself laughed, as did the others present at the meeting.

Against this background, the topic of Putin’s doppelgangers has again gained popularity.

The press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov commented on the situation at the opening of the “Russia” exhibition at VDNH in Moscow.

More specifically, Peskov was asked how many doubles Putin has, as according to various rumors their number varies from two to four, reports TASS.

In response, Peskov clarified with a smile that such rumors appear periodically, but there is only one Putin in Russia.

“In this case, who laid flowers on the monument to Minin and Pozharski – the second or the third double?” Peskov joked.

The press secretary explained that Putin himself also treats these rumors with humor.

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