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Ludogorets defeated Krumovgrad with the minimum 1:0 at “Huvefarma Arena” and temporarily topped the standings in the Efbet League. The Eagles’ success came from Kwadwo Dua, who scored in the 16th minute. It was the striker’s third goal in the last two games.

Dua also brought the victory over Slavia on November 2 (Thursday), when Georgi Dermendzhiev’s team won 2:0 away from home in Sofia. Ludogorets collected 33 points and jumped to the top. With 32 each are CSKA, Black Sea and Lokomotiv (Plovdiv). The “Reds” host Heber tomorrow at 18:00 and can regain the lead.

The football players of Ludogorets obviously did not play at 100% of their potential today and saved their strength for the much tougher match against Fenerbahce in Razgrad on Thursday (November 9). The match of the fourth round of the groups of the Conference League starts at 22:00.

We remind you that Krumovgrad shocked Ludogorets in the first round when they beat the champions 3:1 in Komatevo. The rookie in the elite today faced the “eagles” with the former coach and football player of Razgrad Stanislav Genchev, who a few days ago replaced Nemanja Milanovic at the head of the team from the Rhodope city.

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Efbet League standings
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1:0 Kwadwo Dua (16)

Highlights of the match by minutes:
1 – Start of the meeting.
2 – Excellent raid from Caio Vidal down the left, but Ryan Senhaji puts his foot down and clears for a corner as he tries to cross.
16 GOAL! 1:0 for Ludogorets after a goal by Kwadwo Dua. Caio Vidal crossed for Spas Delev, who headed towards Dua and he headed into Blagoi Makendzhiev’s goal. Pthe decline was initially not recognized because of an ambush, but after a review of the VAR it was seen that there was none and the Eagles took the lead.
35 – Shot by Caio Vidal, after a ricochet the ball goes out for a corner kick.
45+3 – A shot by Bozhidar Katsarov after a pass by Alex Kolev, who fought in the air with Anton Nedyalkov, but the head referee Vasimir El-Khatib awards a foul in attack.
45+4 – End of the first half.
46 – Start of the second half.
61 Piotrovski and Tekpetei, who entered as reserves, immediately created something interesting. The first brought the Ghanaian from the right, he shot, Makendzhiev saved.
64 Son combined with Tekpetei, who shot head-on at the goal, but the visitors’ keeper again intervened decisively.
69 Canceled goal! Olivier Verdon scored in the goal of Krumovgrad, but the goal was disallowed due to an ambush. After Tekpetei’s cross from a corner, Nedyalkov shot towards goal, Kwadwo Dua got a touch to the ball which hit the post and then found itself in Verdon who had no problem sending it into the net. However, with Nedyalkov’s shot, it turned out that Dua was behind the opponent’s defense. The situation was discussed at length with the VAR.
90+3 – End of the match. Ludogorets beat Krumovgrad 1:0.

LUDOGORETS: 12.Simon Sluga, 17.Son, 22.Franco Russo, 24.Olivier Verdon, 3.Anton Nedyalkov (k), 8.Claude Gonzalves, 30.Pedro Naresi (60 6. Yakub Piotrovski), 90. Spas Delev (59 37. Bernard Tekpetei), 77. Caio Vidal (72 7.Rick Jonathan), 9.Quadvo Dua 99. Ruan Seko (46 64. Dominic Yankov)
Reservations: 67. Damian Hristov, 5. Georgi Terziev, 6. Jakub Piotrovski, 7. Rick Jonathan, 10. Mathias Tissera, 16. Aslak Von Vitri, 37. Bernard Tekpetei, 64. Dominic Yankov, 88. Todor Nedelev
Coach: Georgi Dermendzhiev

KRUMOVGRAD: 21. Blagoi Makendzhiev, 91. Vyacheslav Velev, 3. Kaloyan Pehlivanov (46 18. Clyder Machedo), 72. Ryan Senhaji, 5. Matej Šimić, 44. Bozhidar Katsarov (k), 88. Renan Carvalho, 2. Juneit Ali (46 6. Jefferson Manjares), 14. Daniel Milanovich (63 80. Kitan Vasilev), 23. Dimitar Tonev (63 13. Diego Raposo ), 9. Alexander Kolev
Reservations: 12. Nikolay Pranjev, 6. Jeferson Magnares, 7. Bruno Garcia, 13. Diego Raposo, 18. Clyder Machedo, 20. Juneit Yashar, 30. Jacques Pehlivanov, 77. Oktay Yusein, 80. Kitan Vasilev
Coach: Stanislav Genchev

Razgrad, stadium “Huvepharma Arena”
Referee: Wasimir El-Khatib
VAR: Krasen Georgiev

Legend: – goal, – own goal, – yellow card, – second yellow card, – Red card, – shift, – dangerous situation, – injury, – reviewing a VAR situation

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