There was no eaten ballot today, there was a torn one

There was no eaten ballot today, there was a torn one
There was no eaten ballot today, there was a torn one

And today’s voting is not without curiosities. There is currently no machine receipt eaten as in November 2021:

Election day does not pass without curiosities. BNT reported something unheard of before – a voter ate the receipt after casting a machine vote. The incident took place in the 9th French high school in Sofia. The woman was elderly.

But there is a torn ballot. BNT reported on the case: a woman voted, her daughter was with her; the daughter thought that the mother voted wrongly and tore up the paper. The vote was annulled. The action took place in the French High School in Sofia.

In the Montana village of Vladimirovo, a voter claimed that the machine did not count the vote he indicated. Even the municipal election commission dealt with the case, and the Central Election Commission, as it insisted that machine voting be suspended. A team was sent and found no irregularities in the device. Accordingly, the machine vote continued. The curious thing about this and many similar cases is that there is no way to determine whether the machine was really wrong – or whether the voter was wrong, if he was wrong at all.

In Plovdiv, the chairman of a sectional commission turned out not to know how and why he was appointed. Accordingly, he could not do his job. The man is 83 years old, replaced the resigned chairman after the first round. More precisely – he was a regular member of the commission, and the others told him to take over the chairmanship. “I haven’t been to lessons and I don’t understand things,” he told BNT sincerely.

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