Terziev leads against Grigorova in the runoff in Sofia (updated)

Terziev leads against Grigorova in the runoff in Sofia (updated)
Terziev leads against Grigorova in the runoff in Sofia (updated)

The IT entrepreneur Vasil Terziev nominated by “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria” and “Save Sofia” as the mayor of Sofia leads by 6 points in front of the former trade unionist proposed by the BSP and the “Levitsa”. Vanya Grigorova, show the data from the exit poll of “Alpha Research”.

Terziev won support from 49.7%, and Grigorova – 43.8%. The results are against the background of a rather low voter turnout and a high percentage of people who voted “I do not support anyone”. According to preliminary studies, it is about 33%.

According to the data from the exit poll of “Gallup International Balkan”, the support for Vasil Terziev is 50.5 percent, and for Vanya Grigorova – 45.2%.

Data from the exit poll of “Trend” shows a difference between the two of 8.5 points.

Terziev postponed the substantive comments

By 8.30 p.m Vasil Terziev made a short commentin which he thanked the people of Sofia who came out to vote, those who “they supported me and our candidates for regional mayors”. He added that the results of the elections in Sofia and in the country will be commented on later by the leaders of the parties that support him.

Vanya Grigorova: Freedom is at your fingertips

Vanya Grigorova, who was lagging behind in the result for mayor of Sofia, as well as her staff, announced that they retain hope for a reversal of the result when the final results are announced.

“Despite the problems we saw, despite the smearing, we remain hopeful and believe that she is alive and that freedom is within reach. The morning is wiser than the morning,” commented Vanya Grigorova after the end of the election day.

“I’m almost certain we’ll have cause for celebration tomorrow,” commented the socialist Kostadin Paskalev, who is part of Grigorova’s staff.

“We gave the citizens hope and offered them a path to freedom. The votes for us were cast with hope, not disgust, to quote one of the assembly’s leaders”Vanya Grigorova also said, referring to the way GERB leader Boyko Borisov called to vote for Vasil Terziev in the runoff in Sofia.

In the first round, Vasil Terziev also had a serious lead over Vanya Grigorova. Then he received 31.8% of the support of the voters, and she – 21.59%. In preliminary polls on the day of the vote, his result was even around 40 percent, but it began to fall in the parallel count.

Before the elections, sociological forecasts were that the former head of news at BTV, Anton Hekimyan, who was appointed at the last moment by GERB, would make it to the runoff. However, he remained third with 17.83% support. Thus, after 18 years of governance, GERB lost Sofia.

After the elections last Sunday, the coalition between PP-DB and “Save Sofia” became the first political force in the Metropolitan Municipal Council with 23 councilors.

Boyko Borisov’s party came second with 14 representatives in the 61-member local parliament. On paper, PP-DB and GERB would have a majority, but for now the possibility of such a coalition does not seem great. In recent days, Borisov attacked Terziev and threatened the government-supporting “assembly”. Vasil Terziev stated that support will be sought for separate decisions.

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