There is a new coalition, these three parties united against us, Kiril paid to beat me in Bankya

There is a new coalition, these three parties united against us, Kiril paid to beat me in Bankya
There is a new coalition, these three parties united against us, Kiril paid to beat me in Bankya

An outgoing link currently manages the state and is called an assembly. This is agony, said the leader of GERB, who appeared in Plovdiv on election night

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GERB leader Boyko Borisov appeared in Plovdiv. “Delian, where is he? Come, opposition, mine” – these were his first words.

“What is the situation? Here! How far have they counted. The first comment should be from the mayor of Plovdiv,” he said, but before that he joked with the journalists.

“Wait for him not to turn his back on bTV, that he can take the mayor from you,” said Borisov, referring to Hekimyan, who was nominated by his party for mayor of Sofia, but lost in the first round.

Varna still counting. IN Blagoevgrad were also weighed. We have twice as much as PP-DB. This is the definitive result. They are a third political force,” added Borisov.

“If I have to summarize – we now have a new assembly. The parties that support Russia and Putin – in the first place PP-DB, and then “Vazrazhdane”. Now they united together with BSP. This is the new coalition, the new assembly, and they played against us.

We lost to them in several places, but they are coalitions. If we have lost anywhere, it is Blagoevgrad.

IN A bank we know each other people. PP and “Vazrazhdane”… I will turn to Cyril and his hypocrisy. I forced the party to vote for Terziev, and they paid money to beat me in Bankya. PP and “Vazrazhdane” in Bankya played against us… hypocrisy!

This is why voter turnout is low. People can’t stand hypocrisy anymore. I no longer see such assemblies as correct, there is a wonderful coalition at the moment – PP, DB and “Vazrazhdane”.

I do not participate in assemblies. There was some kind of agreement which is being drastically violated by the currently ruling mandate holders.

A letter was released to the president to remove the head of DANS… Denkov called me only after he sent it to the president. Asen Vassilev is having a meeting to make taxes in the budget, and we haven’t even seen them.

Half of GERB’s voters voted for Terziev – exactly as much as he currently leads. I am proud that so many people listened to me and I myself voted for Terziev,” admitted Borisov and added:

“If he is elected mayor, he will be the mayor with the lowest support elected mayor of Sofia.

According to him, if GERB remains in the assembly, they will lose a lot.

“I rely more on Hristo Ivanov and Atanasov and that they consider what we say to them, because their voters are smart people. An outgoing link currently manages the state and is called an assembly. It’s an agony.

They crushed us for three years, but we still gave the best results,” added the GERB leader.

“They threatened the gargoyles that if there is no derogation, the price of gasoline will rise,” Borisov also said, speaking of “Lukoil” and clarified: “If the truth shines, it will become very ugly.”

“I really hope smart people like Hristo Ivanov, Atanas Atanasov and Kiril Petkov to do a real analysis. Not emotional – does it make sense for this to continue if we don’t do good things. And they just DANCE, DANCE, DANCE…

If you look at it as wisdom – wouldn’t it be better to have (with such a complex assembly) a neutral head of DANS, who was appointed by the president. And the current one was issued by Kiril and Asen

So everyone should be afraid. Not to pressure ministers.

We have reason to be happy, but the sadness is that the people do not deserve it. I hope that after the punishments, the people will make firmer decisions when they vote.

We could have the parties that we participate in the assembly participate in one block and show the results. And they decided to vote against us… how about transferring them to the parliament – that’s fair for the voters.

GERB has not been a leading party for a long time. We have very established people. Even Koceto won the elections not because of GERB, but because of his personal qualities and what he has done over the years, and the people of Plovdiv have appreciated him.

I wish you a nice evening, Real Madrid is also starting,” said Borisov, but he still asked how the results were in Haskovo and said: “Let Asen Vassilev not come to vote now…”


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