Borisov accused PP of playing with “Vazrazhdane” against GERB

Borisov accused PP of playing with “Vazrazhdane” against GERB
Borisov accused PP of playing with “Vazrazhdane” against GERB

GERB’s electoral losses in the run-off for the mayoral elections in the country are from competitors, supported by coalitions with the participation of “Proceeding Change – Democratic Bulgaria” (PP-DB), party leader Boyko Borisov announced on Sunday.

He added that after the runoff, his formation remains the first political force in the country.

Borisov, however, accused his partners in the national government of winning the second round against their competitors from GERB with the support of “Vazrazhdane”, BSP, of “mutts and three-letter business groups”.

Borisov commented on the results of the vote in Plovdiv, where his party’s candidate Kostadin Dimitrov won over Ivaylo Staribratov, nominated by PP-DB.

They played with “Revival”

“In the first round, GERB was first everywhere, now PP and “Vazrazhdane” united together with BSP and played against us. We lost in several places, but to coalitions. If we lose somewhere directly, it will be Blagoevgrad”Borisov commented. He added that he draws his conclusions about the “coalition” between PP and “Vazrazhdane” from the situation in Bankya, where the two formations had united. “to beat me”.

On the reply that in Varna the GERB candidate Ivan Portnih lost to Blagomir Kotsev from the PP-DB, behind whom there is no coalition, he explained: “And in Varna, it’s with the mutts and three-letter business groups. 5-6% of the first round cannot be melted except with the paid vote of the mutts and the Varna three-letter groups.”

From “assembly” to a coalition with a plan and program

In his analysis on election night, Borisov also commented on the fate of the “combination” with the PP-DB at the national level. It was not clear from his words what his firm position was on the issue.

He stated that on Wednesday “I am gathering the party” and “they will report to me how they played with “Vazrazhdane”. “If they played with “Vazrazhdane”, as in Bankya, there will be no assembly. Let them form a coalition (PP-DB, “Vazrazhdane” and BSP), and let the colleagues from DPS choose”, said Boyko Borisov. He added that he had already announced “to all our western partners” the interaction between PP and “Vazrazhdane” and threatened that “there will be no more hypocrisy”.

However, Borisov did not give a definite answer as to whether GERB will withdraw from the national government. He made it clear that he would insist on changing the “assembly” formula to a coalition “with a plan, program, time, place” as well as policies for the people.

We don’t do anything for people

“If they don’t take into account that a very powerful extreme left vote is forming on the left and in the center of us, very quickly, even if we remain in such an assembly, we will lose as a bloc. Because we do nothing for the people. We work with the clichés – Euro-Atlantic values, orientation. We are 100% oriented. No one would change that. “Vazrazhdane”, Kostadinov has an extremely strong policy. It is more towards the far-right parties in Europe. We with the PPs and the DBs do not know what we are doing”analyzed Borisov.

“This is some kind of connection, an assembly with which the state is governed. Either a coalition is made with a plan, a program, a time, a place, or it is an agony. As they agree on the province, they can do the same to the central government”he added.

Borisov stated that he relies on the co-presidents of “Democratic Bulgaria” – Hristo Ivanov and Atanas Atanasov, to stabilize the government at the national level.

He then threatened that his party might not support the tax changes and the budget that Nikolay Denkov’s government is about to propose. On Monday, the Council of Ministers meets in an extraordinary meeting precisely to vote on the tax changes and then move them to the parliament for approval.

Borisov made it clear that he was also annoyed by the fact that he was not notified in advance of Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov’s intention to request the resignation of DANS chief Plamen Tonchev from the president. Denkov informed him of this move after the letter to Rumen Radev had already been sent.

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