Borisov accused the partners in the government of participating in a “pro-Putin conspiracy” against GERB – Local elections 2023


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GERB leader Boyko Borisov announced today to journalists that on Wednesday he will decide whether his party will continue to support the government of Nikolay Denkov. He specified that until then he will request information from the local structures “what the partners in the government have created in places” “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria”, and all the information will be discussed at a national meeting of GERB.

Borisov explained that in Bankya and a number of other cities they formed coalitions with “Vazrazhdane” and BSP with the sole aim of GERB losing. According to him, only in Blagoevgrad the party led by him can lose a runoff against one party – “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria. In all other places against them was a unity between the partners in the government, “Vazrazhdane” and the BSP, which Borisov called a “Pro-Putin assembly”. .

He accused Kiril Petkov of hypocrisy

Borisov accused Kiril Petkov of hypocrisy. “I would turn to Kiril (Petkov, BA) and his hypocrisy, where I voted for Terziev. I forced the party to vote for him and at the same time they paid money to beat me in the Bank. Pe Pe and “Vazrazhdane “They played against us in Bankya, and Petkov wants us to talk on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday about tax laws and what not,” said the GERB leader. He explained that the low voter turnout was precisely because of this hypocrisy, which people were tired of.

His criticism of the mandate holder “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria” is for a drastic violation of the agreement with GERB on general management. As the most recent examples, he pointed to the letter to the president from Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov, requesting the replacement of the head of the State Agency “National Security”, without this being agreed with GERB. As well as the intention of Finance Minister Asen Vassilev to present at an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers tax laws that GERB had not seen.

“The assembly does not exist”: Borisov plans GERB to meet whether to remain in power (updated)

He relies on the wisdom of Hristo Ivanov and Atanas Atanasov

Borisov emphasized that in order to preserve Denkov’s government, he relies on the wisdom of Hristo Ivanov and Atanas Atanasov (the leaders of “Democratic Bulgaria”, b.a.). “Their voters are smart people. And what is happening to them is punishing them because we are not honest with them. As well as with our people. A bad relationship is currently running the country, called an assembly. Or a coalition is made with a plan, a program , time, place, otherwise it’s agony,” said the GERB leader.

When asked how long the rule of the current government can last, Borisov answered: “It does not depend only on me. The way they agree at the local level, if they establish a central authority, it can last for a very long time. It is timeless.”

He pointed out that it does not matter who will be the prime minister until something useful is done for the people. Borisov expressed hope that the leaders of “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria” will make “a real analysis, not an emotional one, does it make sense to continue if good things are not done”. “Because we except, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE, the same thing. And those people are waiting for something in the country in every city,” said the GERB leader.

To transfer the regional coalition to the parliament

According to him, in the current complicated situation, it might not be a bad idea to have a neutral head of DANS, appointed by the president. “So that everyone is afraid, not to be misled, not to pressure ministers to give orders for billions to certain companies, isn’t it better that way,” asked Borisov.

The GERB leader summarized the results of the local elections as follows: “We have twice as much as We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria” in these elections. This is a decisive victory, and they are the third political force. We have reason to be happy, but the sadness is that the people do not deserve it. I hope that the people, after the punishments, will take firmer decisions. It was possible for the parties that support the assembly to participate in a common block and count the result together. Then she would show that we are much better than the rest. Instead, they chose to form a coalition against us. How about transferring them to the parliament, that’s fair to the voters”.

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