Borisov blew up the vote! He said what the scheme was

Borisov blew up the vote! He said what the scheme was
Borisov blew up the vote! He said what the scheme was

The leader of the GERB party Boyko Borisov exercised his right to vote in Bankya. He chose to vote by paper ballot. And he made another curious comment related to the vote.

“I see that the machines are breaking down mainly in Sofia and Varna, because this is supposedly the scheme. I have fulfilled my promise. Such unprincipled work – the coalitions in which the PP-DB are included in the country. Let them see who they are playing with, yes they don’t say later that Radev is bad. I explicitly warn them, knowing what they are doing at the moment. I wish everyone success,” said Borisov.

“I am very surprised by those who talk about voter turnout – what do they expect when they raised their fists 3 years ago,” Borisov continued.

“I called for a vote for the PP-DB because we are in a coalition. We will see who supported whom and how, and I will tell you how this assembly functions in the country,” he added.

“The election was last week, I just gave my word,” said Boyko Borisov. This is how he answered the question of whether his choice was easy.

For me, the elections in Sofia ended last Sunday, he repeated later. And he even revealed his vote to the media in response to a question about his support for Vasil Terziev, the candidate for mayor of Sofia from PP – DB.

“I, like Ivan Kostov, do not do it with great desire,” Borisov did not hide.

Asked to comment on Vasil Terziev’s words that he is “a person who often jokes”, Borisov replied that he is an “ungrateful person”.

When the journalists suggested to him that his support was read as a joke by the PP-DB, Borisov replied: “I regret that I signed his number at the moment, if that is how he interpreted it.”

“Across the country, the PPs are entering into unprincipled coalitions. I see that they have new allies. Let them not say later that Radev is bad. I wish everyone success, and we will see what the consequences will be,” Boyko Borisov told the media.

After seeing who supported whom, how they supported, I will tell you how this assembly functioned, Borisov also said.

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