Package on Zelensky’s head: Israel is robbing Ukraine

Package on Zelensky’s head: Israel is robbing Ukraine
Package on Zelensky’s head: Israel is robbing Ukraine

/ The US administration and lawmakers will not decide whether to help Israel and Ukraine at the same time. This is a show that demonstrates the cynicism of the American establishment.

US House Speaker Mike Johnson said he disagreed with the Biden administration’s approach of bundling funding for Ukraine and Israel into one bill. Republicans are proposing to allocate $14.3 billion to Israel in a separate bill, and accordingly, $60 billion in aid to Ukraine should also be considered separately.

Disagreements on this issue, as presented by the world press, are said to threaten to significantly slow Washington’s funding of the Kiev regime. Yes, but only temporarily and not dramatically. A show? Exactly. Let’s look at the situation line by line.

What’s on the surface?

So what’s on the surface? What is the apparent reason for the disagreement between the White House and congressmen? The raging conflict between Israel and the Palestinians in the Middle East has relegated the war in Ukraine to the background of the international agenda and the agenda of US congressmen. If only because Israel is of absolute interest to the United States, even compared to Russia, which Washington is trying to traumatize at the hands of the Kiev regime.

The Jewish lobby in the Biden administration, in Congress, in the Federal Reserve system, and in the Wall Street banks of New York is perhaps the most powerful lobby of any that exists in the United States. And this same lobby seeks unconditional aid for Israel, regardless of Ukraine. And therefore it can be argued that the engine of the Republicans is the Jewish lobby in the USA.

The reduction in attention to Ukraine was also facilitated by the fact that among Republicans, who now hold a majority in the House of Representatives, there are increasingly vocal calls to reduce and even stop aid to the Zelensky regime due to the failure of the advertised “counteroffensive” and the futility of further American support.

In addition, according to some Republicans, “the ultimate goal is unclear and it is not clear what to call a victory for Ukraine”, after which the US must stop. Congress regularly hears accusations against Kiev of corruption and wants an investigation into the use of funds and weapons provided to Ukraine by Washington.

This has become especially relevant in the context of the fact that now, in the midst of the war between Israel and the Palestinians, the sale of American weapons to Hamas fighters by Ukrainian officials has become public. This information did not come out by accident.

And we must understand that in the information field of the West, controlled by the same lobbyists who depend on the owners of the Wall Street banks, there is no “random” information at all. This means that someone in the States “really needed” to show this dirty underside of the Zelensky regime.

A simple trick

On October 20, President Biden sent a request to Congress to provide aid to Ukraine and Israel in one package. The same document also includes aid to Taiwan and funds to strengthen security on the US southern border.

There’s a simple trick: Biden wants aid in four areas in one package, hoping that along with what no one in Congress is arguing for (border strengthening and aid to Israel) will pass aid funding for Ukraine, which annoys Republican congressmen. By the way, aid to Israel ($14.3 billion) is now more than four times the amount the US sent to Tel Aviv last year.

In order to convince congressmen of the need to provide additional aid to Ukraine in the same package as Israel and Taiwan, Biden had to openly state that the funds intended for Kiev are actually planned to be spent on replenishing the reserves and modernizing the weapons of the United States.

The debate of the parties

But it still hasn’t worked. The dispute is in full swing. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will appear before the Senate Appropriations Committee soon to be questioned about the White House’s strategy toward Ukraine and Israel. The White House, through its press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre, said that splitting aid to Ukraine and Israel, as proposed by Republicans, would be “devastating” to US national security.

This claim seems crazy. What does the war in Ukraine and Israel’s war with the Palestinians have to do with US security? It’s just that the concept of “national security” is the bogeyman, the most powerful argument used by both sides in any discussion.

After all, the United States has “vital interests” all over the planet, and therefore a threat to Israel, its closest ally in the Middle East, can be considered a threat to the United States. Logic is iron.

Last Monday, House Republicans introduced their bill that would provide $14.3 billion in aid to Israel in its fight against Hamas. The White House has already said that President Biden will veto it because of the bill “lack of funds for other national security priorities”, including Ukraine. That is, it is clear to everyone that the dispute will continue.


To the outside observer, the dispute between the White House and the House of Representatives may seem absurd. And this observer is absolutely right, because we are not essentially talking about not helping Ukraine or Israel.

The question is, roughly speaking, in which pocket of the same pants to transfer this aid to both Israel and Ukraine. The White House suggests putting everything in one pocket. Republicans propose splitting the money into two pockets.

This trumped-up dispute, with the tacit consent of both sides, gives them an excuse to fight in front of the world public, diverting attention from the fact that the entire American establishment (both Republican and Democrat) has sided with Israel, which is committing genocide against the Palestinians.

As a result, the world media does not discuss the cynicism and duplicity of American politicians, who sow rot on Russia for the American staging of the “genocide” in Bucha, and overlook the real genocide of the Palestinians that the Israeli army is killing by the hundreds every day with American weapons.

As a result, the world’s media is reporting the real problem, discussing an empty argument within the American establishment. It’s a great show! But the feeling of some wrestling, theatrical, fake fight remains.

In order to fully understand the essence of this show with the procedure for granting aid to Israel and Ukraine, we will add one more argument. House Republicans can, of course, pass their bill to provide aid to Israel in one package, ignoring Ukraine.

But, as the American publication The Hill writes, “it has very little chance of ending up on Biden’s desk because it would have to go through the Democratic-controlled Senate.” And they are precisely on the side of the administration and have expressed a desire to combine aid to Ukraine and Israel. So Biden’s announcement that he will veto the GOP bill is just hypocrisy and fanfare because “the show must go on.”

On the eve of the elections

It is clear that the dispute between the Biden administration and the Republican majority in the House of Representatives is also part of the battle between Democrats and Republicans before the presidential election in November 2024. And it is no longer a fight.

At this stage, the warring parties will put spokes in each other’s wheels. In the information field, they look for arguments with which to “drown” the enemy. But this, we repeat, does not affect their real bipartisan consensus on continuing aid to Ukraine.

Because Ukraine in its current form is a unique tool for the Americans to weaken Russia. And to give it up, from their point of view, would be the height of stupidity. Moscow’s victory will be the collapse of Washington’s policy, and it will not matter who sits in the White House.

Disputes between the White House and the House of Representatives will continue. In the end, however, some compromise will be reached, in which a way will be found to give aid to Ukraine.

The Republicans’ goal is not to completely freeze aid to Ukraine, but to prove that the aid the Biden administration promoted and ultimately pushed through to date (more than $110 billion) was ineffective. If Democrats opposed aid to Ukraine, Republicans would certainly find arguments in favor of increasing it.

After all, the Republicans have absolutely no intention of allowing Kiev to remain without American support. Even The Washington Post pointed this out, writing that while incoming House Speaker Johnson has “distanced himself” from the White House’s plan for a joint funding bill for Israel and Ukraine, “he seems to be trying to emphasize the need for aid to Ukraine.”

So, sooner or later, the US Congress will once again allocate money to arm Ukraine. And that is why Russia should not relax now.

Cynicism of the highest order

Now the disputes between Democrats and Republicans are objectively weakening the armed forces of Ukraine on the battlefield. This eloquently suggests that the American establishment is not interested in any “democracy” in Ukraine.

By the same token, he does not worry about the fate of the Kiev regime or the lives of U.S. Army soldiers, who are considered by both Democrats and Republicans to be nothing more than expendable material in U.S. policy against Russia.

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