More than BGN 10 difference in the price of cheese and yellow cheese – Food

More than BGN 10 difference in the price of cheese and yellow cheese – Food
More than BGN 10 difference in the price of cheese and yellow cheese – Food
Over BGN 10 difference in the price of a kilogram of cheese in individual cities in our country, reports the State Commission for Commodity Exchanges and Markets. While in Dobrich, where the price is the lowest, a kilogram of cow’s cheese is sold wholesale for around BGN 6, in Plovdiv it costs BGN 17 per kg. In Burgas, the cheese goes for BGN 8.50 per kg on the stock exchange, and in Pleven and Shumen it costs around BGN 10-11.

In Blagoevgrad, Vratsa and Silistra, however, the kilo reaches 14 BGN wholesale. The difference in yellow cheese in different cities is about BGN 10, the cheapest being sold in Blagoevgrad and Dobrich – just over BGN 11, and the most expensive in Sofia – BGN 23 per kg and Plovdiv – BGN 20 per kg.

The differences in the prices of other basic products such as oil, frozen filets and minced meat, for example, are quite serious. The price of oil varies from 2.30 in Haskovo and Dobrich to nearly 6 BGN in Sofia and 4.75 BGN per liter in Stara Zagora. Frozen chickens are the cheapest wholesale in Sofia – BGN 4 per kg, and the most expensive in Kardzhali – BGN 6-7 per kg. for minced meat, the price varies from BGN 6 per kg in Dobrich to BGN 11 in Pleven, Silistra and Sofia.

Basic food prices are rising again

Prices in our country continue to rise, reports DKSBTwith the market price index (PII) this week rising by 0.64 percent to 2,206 points.

As expected, vegetables are the most expensive, with the price of greenhouse vegetables rising by 13.9 percent to BGN 2.29 per kilogram. Green peppers are sold 16.6 percent more expensive at BGN 1.76 per kilogram. Red peppers are also going up in price – by 6.7 percent to BGN 2.22 per kilogram. Potatoes are up by 6.7 percent to BGN 1.28 per kilogram, and onions by a new 2% to BGN 1.43 per kilogram.

The price of tomatoes fell by 3.6 percent and they are traded at BGN 3.26 per kilogram, as well as that of carrots.

Sugar is sold at BGN 2.42 per kilogram. The oil became cheaper – by 3.7 percent and is traded at BGN 2.87 per liter. Type 500 flour became cheaper by 4.3 percent to BGN 1.35 per kilogram. The price of cow’s butter (packet of 125 grams) rises by 3.3 percent and is sold at BGN 2.52 per unit.
The price of rice decreased by 1.3 percent and it was traded at BGN 3.14 per kilogram. Lentils are also cheaper – by 0.7 percent to BGN 4.17 per kilogram. Ripe beans fell by 0.5 percent and were traded at BGN 4.12 per kilogram.

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