Dollar in exchangers on November 6 – what is the value of currencies – how expensive is the euro

Dollar in exchangers on November 6 – what is the value of currencies – how expensive is the euro
Dollar in exchangers on November 6 – what is the value of currencies – how expensive is the euro

After the weekend, the dollar rate changed slightly. The most changes are observed in exchangers, where the currency has fallen during purchases. However, there is a recovery in the value of the euro. In some places, the purchase increased to over 30 kopecks.

Exchange rate at banks

  • As of the morning of November 6, according to the Ministry of Finance, the purchase of cash dollars is on average 37.4 hryvnias (without changes against November 3), and sale – 37.89 hryvnias (-1 kopeck).
  • A cash euro purchase is on average made for 39.8 hryvnias (+10 kopecks), and sales – on average for 40.4 hryvnias (+3 kopecks).

Exchange rates

  • In the exchangers, I bought dollars on average at levels 37.28 hryvnias (-13 kopecks), and sales – 37.76 hryvnias (-1 kopeck), according to
  • Euro fluctuates at levels: buy – 40.13 hryvnias (+33 kopecks), and sale – 40.6 hryvnias (+31 kopecks).

Course on the black market

  • On the black market, I buy dollars on average at par 37.63 hryvnias (-1 kopeck), and sale – 37.75 bracelets (no changes).
  • Euro buy for 40.15 hryvnias (+14 kopecks), and sell for 40.4 hryvnias (+20 kopecks).

The current situation on the currency market is strong

In the comments 24 Kanalu economist Yaroslav Zhalilo said that the hryvnia is strengthening due to the current features of the structure of the Ukrainian financial system. And this is the inflow of currencies within the framework of international aid, the revival of exports, the cyclicality of the currency market, etc.

Yaroslav Zhalilo

Economist, deputy director of the National Institute of Strategic Research

There is a sufficiently strong inflow of currencies into the country within the framework of international financial assistance. For different channels, this is both grant and loan assistance. These funds that come in are then poured into the Ukrainian market, and accordingly they saturate the demand for currency in the interbank market.

The autumn revival of exports also contributes to the inflow of currency into the country, as does the cyclicality of the currency market, which is associated with quarterly tax payments.

interesting what an expert sees will be one factor – agrarian business.

Agrarians need to make certain stocks: buy fodder for livestock, apply the necessary chemicals to the soil, etc. This also requires funds, and if the funds were saved, a currency exchange in currencies, then now they can also be converted,
– explains Yaroslav Zhalilo.

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