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Matthew Perry’s sad end from “Friends” shook all his co-stars.

On Friday, relatives and friends said goodbye to Matthew Perry: the actor was sent to a cemetery in the Hollywood Hills – right across from the studio where Friends was filmed.

All the stars of the legendary series came to say goodbye to their colleague.

Made an impression that Jennifer Aniston was one of the first.

She and the other friends stayed apart from everyone.

And it’s not about arrogance or star fever: according to a close friend of the 54-year-old actress, Perry’s death was a heavy blow for her, and now she is literally heartbroken.

The thing is, actors have always had a special bond. Aniston and Perry first met in 1991 – three years before filming began on the series. In his memoirs, Matthew admitted that he immediately tried to have an affair with Jen, but she turned him down. However, this did not prevent their friendship at all, which during the ten years of work on “Friends” only became stronger. It was Aniston who was most worried about the actor when he started using substances.

“No one has shed more tears for Matthew in the darkest moments of his battle with Jennifer’s addiction,” a close friend of the actress told the Daily Mail.

“During the Friends reunion in 2021, there were rumors that Matthew would not be filming the special because his demons had gotten the better of him. But Jennifer definitely wouldn’t have agreed without him,” the insider added.

“He looked weak then, but he pulled through.” Jennifer really thought his worst days were behind him. So his death just two years later was a huge blow to her. But whether he died in an accident or was directly related to his drug problems, the day Jennifer had been dreading for 20 years had arrived. She always tried to help Matthew in any way she could.

Let’s recall that just a year ago another tragedy happened in the life of the actress: Jennifer’s father died in November last year.

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