The new mayor of Kyustendil, Ognyan Atanasov, won a landslide against the incumbent Petar Paunov – From the day


The new mayor of Kyustendil, engineer Ognyan Atanasov from the Green Party received 68.63% of the voters’ votes, and Petar Paunov, who served four consecutive mandates, supported by a broad coalition of 15 parties, including GERB, collected only 29.61%, according to the data with 100% processed protocols. 1.77% voted “I do not support anyone”.

According to the first comments, Petar Paunov lost because of the shocking increase in local taxes and fees – for example, the garbage tax for the villages was raised 8 times.

All local formations, except for the “Vazrazhdane” party, have united against the previous mayor, and malicious comments against him personally ran on the Internet throughout the campaign.

The newly elected mayor, Eng. Ognyan Atanasov, told BNR:

“I hope that there are better days ahead for Kyustendil. We will build on what has been done, we will support everything that will be done in the future and I think that together we can, as we proved it in the elections.”

In Dupnitsa, the red First Dangov, who exactly 20 years ago won and retained one mandate, now collects 61.04% against Eng. Metodi Chimev from GERB, who has served three consecutive mandates, who receives 36.49%. Last night it became clear that Chimev is giving up being a councilor and will probably leave politics.

The Municipality of Boboshevo also has a new mayor – Stefan Tachev from “Citizens for the Municipality”. He has 51.52% of the votes. His opponent Krum Marinov from the BSP, who served 4 terms, received 47.09%. The two were rivals 4 years ago. Marinov narrowly won then, lawsuits followed. Tachev became the chairman of the National Assembly, and the two did not speak to each other during the entire mandate.

A new mayor was elected with 49.74% Municipality of Kocherinovo. It is Stanislav Gorov from “Citizens for the Municipality”. The other candidate, from GERB – Ivan Minkov, who served three terms, received 49.23%. Interestingly, Minkov’s first round did not receive very few votes – he had 49.6%. Only then in the town will they explain to each other how Gorov, who is a farmer and looks after vineyards, has reversed a difference of over 25 points.

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