LIVE: Botev Vratsa 0:1 Lokomotiv Sofia, second goal for the hosts – BG Football – efbet Liga

LIVE: Botev Vratsa 0:1 Lokomotiv Sofia, second goal for the hosts – BG Football – efbet Liga
LIVE: Botev Vratsa 0:1 Lokomotiv Sofia, second goal for the hosts – BG Football – efbet Liga

Botev Vratsa and Lokomotiv Sofia play at 0:1 in a match of the 16th round of the efbet League. Gonzalo Cardoso opened the scoring in the 30th minute.

Already in the opening minutes, the guests had a good opportunity and Carlos Francea did not hesitate to shoot, but Martin Hristov put his head down and did not allow the ball to reach the goal line. In the 5th minute, Brian Perea fell in the penalty area after contact with the goalkeeper of Lokomotiv Sofia, but the Colombian was in an ambush and a penalty did not follow.

Bad luck prevented Botev Vratsa from taking the lead in the 20th minute. Martin Hristov jumped over the visitors’ defender Dime Dimov after a cross from a corner and sent a nice header, but the ball hit the crossbar. Seven minutes later, luck was again on the side of the “railwaymen”, this time the left post prevented the home team from taking the lead after a shot by Stefan Velev.

Surprisingly, the people of Sofia were the first to score. In the 30th minute, defender Gonzalo Cardoso was left uncovered when crossing from a corner kick and masterfully headed Lokomotiv forward – 0:1. For the 23-year-old Portuguese, this is the first goal for the Nadezhda team.

The goal embarrassed the home team and they went to the break with just one shot from distance by Mario Kikonda in the 34th minute. The shot made it difficult for Alexander Lubenov, who dropped the ball but caught it on his second attempt in front of Brian Perea.


0:1 Gonzalo Cardoso (30)

Hristo Botev Stadium, Vratsa

Judge Volen Chinkov

Botev Vratsa: 34. Federico Barrios, 23. Brian Mendoza, 4. Luiz Felipe, 20. Martin Hristov, 7. Momchil Tsvetanov-K, 77. Stefan Velev, 37. Mario Kikonda, 10. Spas Georgiev, 14. Marko Mazuga, 21. Bubakar Traore, 19. Brian Perea

Reservations: 76. Krasimir Kostov, 8. Mitko Panov, 9. Daniel Genov, 3. Martin Kavdanski, 18. Diogo Barbosa, 16. Krasimir Todorov, 11. Jean Pierre Da Silva, 24. Martin Smolenski, 26. Luga Gile

Coach Hristo Yanev

Locomotive SF: 24. Alexander Lyubenov, 4. Dime Dimov, 2. Gonzalo Cardoso, 22. Ivaylo Naydenov, 12. Bruno Franko, 26. Krasimir Miloshev-K, 31. Krasimir Stanoev, 21. Antoni Ivanov, 10. Valentin Nikolov, 45. Dimitar Mitkov, 11. Carlos France

Reservations: 1. Babukar Gaye, 20. Diogo Teixeira, 9. Kaloyan Krastev, 13. Galin Minkov, 5. Daniel Kami, 16. Simeon Mechev, 15. Luka Ivanov, 93. Stefan Lambese, 98. Steve Traore

Coach Danilo Doncic

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