The “Lidl price” offers continue this week as well


This week, all Lidl customers can once again discover dozens of bargains as part of the chain’s long-term price reduction campaign. With them, every household has the opportunity to lighten the family budget during their weekly shopping, without compromising on the quality of the products they buy. In the shopping basket, we can add a variety of dairy products, such as the favorite of children and adults, fruit yogurt 250 g for BGN 1.59 instead of BGN 1.79, a large cut of 1 kg kefir. for BGN 3.49 instead of BGN 3.99, fresh cottage cheese 1 kg. at a price of BGN 7.49 instead of BGN 7.99 and white cheese from cow’s milk 600 at a price of BGN 8.99 instead of BGN 9.99

If everyone at home wants something quick and tasty for lunch or dinner, the following suggestions make an impression: medium-grain rice cut 1 kg. at a price of BGN 3.25 instead of BGN 3.89, wheat spaghetti classic 500 g for BGN 3.59 instead of BGN 3.79, as well as turkey legs 800 g for BGN 9.49 instead of BGN 9.99 .

The dessert delights are also part of the chain’s long-term campaign, as all its customers can find tiramisu in a 500 g pack at a price of BGN 9.99 instead of BGN 10.99, dark chocolate in a 100 g pack for 1.09 BGN instead of BGN 1.15 and grisini with sesame 300 g with a 50% discount at BGN 1.49.

But the surprises don’t end there. All Lidl Plus users also get an additional discount on some of the already discounted products. For the period November 6-11, for all customers of the mobile application, there is a special discount on delicious and aromatic cheddar from the Milbona chain’s own brand in a pack of 150 at a price of BGN 3.49 instead of BGN 4.99, fresh and fresh pork “Portion Freshness” 800g kraanche at a price of BGN 9.15 instead of BGN 10.99 and caramel wafers 400g at a price of BGN 4.55 instead of BGN 6.29.

Along with the active campaign and great deals on the mobile app, every week Lidl offers dozens of other high-quality products with a great “Lidl price” and discounts of 20 to 50%. Thus, the company helps its customers to optimize their expenses and plan the family budget effectively.

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