Mysterious death of a man, detained brothers


Two brothers have been detained in connection with the mysterious death of a man in Pernishko. On Saturday morning, a report was filed about a body found under the shed of a house in the village of Rezhantsi. Emergency teams, the police and the medical examiner were immediately dispatched to the address.

When they arrived, they came across the body of a man. The medics confirmed the death of the 69-year-old man, and the police and the pathologist examined the scene.

There were signs of a burglary in the property, as the front door was broken, and belongings of the deceased were missing from the house.

During the inspection, it became clear that a mobile phone, a TV and three hunting rifles were missing. The prosecutor’s office was immediately notified and under its leadership the two brothers were found. In the course of the investigation, their identities were established, but at the moment only their ages – 40 and 44 years old – are being reported.

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The two are known to uniformed officers and the court, as they have convictions for previous misdemeanors.

During the interrogations, it became clear that the elder brother was a former brother-in-law of the deceased, and the families had had continuous conflicts and problems for a long time.

The work on the case continued and the hunting rifles were found hidden in a wooded area in the area of ​​Perniško village.

Initially, a murder investigation was launched, writes “Focus”.

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After the autopsy, however, it was established that it was not an intentional killing, but that the death occurred from a heart attack. At this stage, pre-trial proceedings are being conducted for robbery under two different articles of the Criminal Code.

The investigation continues under the supervision of the District Prosecutor’s Office – Pernik.

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