Fans organize a protest against BFS in front of the College


The fans who organized the protest against BFS announced that there will be a protest outside the “Hristo Botev” stadium in Plovdiv. We remind you that the supporters decided to protest against the management of BFS, but in Sofia during the match against Hungary in the European qualifiers on November 16.

Today it became clear that the match was moved to the College in Plovdiv at the request of UEFA, which is concerned about the safety of the meeting.

The organizers of the protest also released a schedule of where the fans will be. Botev and CSKA supporters will be behind the south stand of the stadium, and Lokomotiv and Levski fans behind the north stand.

There will also be fans of the other teams, who according to the schedule will be on Iztochen Blvd.

Here is what the organizers wrote:

Friends, the BFS violated our highest right, the right to protest and free expression of opinion Therefore:

We call on all campaigners from Botev, Loko, Levski, CSKA, Beroe, unorganized fans, from Plovdiv and the country, to a UNITED protest in front of the “Hristo Botev” church in Plovdiv, at 8 p.m., on the day of the match against Hungary.

The protest is peaceful, with the aim of expressing the opinion of the entire football community, about the 18 years of destruction, therefore we call for respect for order and to prepare banners and messages with our clear demands:

18 years is enough! Resignation of Bobi Mihailov and BFS!

We want an urgent holding of a new honest Congress!

Do we live in a democracy or in North Korea? How long do they think they’re going to run like this? Is this freedom of speech in Bulgaria? Fear shakes the hen house in Boyana!


Turn around! Bulgaria hosts Hungary at the College without an audienceUEFA sent a letter regarding the safety of the match because of the planned protest against BFS

UEFA officially confirmed Bulgaria – Hungary

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