Who is Vasil Terziev – NOVA

Who is Vasil Terziev – NOVA
Who is Vasil Terziev – NOVA

After a brigade in the USA he created his first company

Vasil Terziev, who with 99.78% processed protocols won the mayoral elections in Sofia with 48.17% against 46.92% against Vanya Grigorova, was born on June 9, 1978. He was promoted by “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria” and ” Save Sofia,” he recalls Dariknews.bg.

Grigorova: I will congratulate Terziev when the court decides that the results are lawful

Vasil Terziev is a Bulgarian entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. He is known as the co-founder and CEO of Telerik. The company is a global provider of software development and content management tools and solutions. In 2014, Telerik was sold for $262.5 million, which at the time was the largest deal in the history of the Bulgarian startup ecosystem. Terziev has a key role in the development of the technological and innovative ecosystem in Bulgaria through its numerous initiatives and investments. In addition, it supports the attraction of investments in many businesses in Bulgaria.

Terziev graduated from the First English Language High School in Sofia in 1996. From the same year to 2001, he was a student at the American University in Bulgaria (AUB) in Blagoevgrad and graduated with honors in Business Administration.

Terziev: The hardest part is ahead – to prove that, in addition to winning elections, we can also manageAfter the first course at the American University, Terziev went to a brigade in the USA under the student program. After returning to Bulgaria, he started his first business – an Internet telephone operator. The venture was not a financial success, but it was crucial to Terziev’s attitude to business – he chose a career in technology instead of the financial sector.

Borisov for Shotev: There is restoration of the children of BKP membersThe businessman joins SwiftPro, a UK-based company, where he takes on the role of ‘project manager’. In “SwiftPro”, Vasil Terziev worked together with his friends from AUBG Boyko Yaramov and Svetozar Georgiev, as well as with Hristo Kosev, who later became his partners in “Telerik”, and later he was among the founders of the famous “Telerik Academy” “. Vasil Terziev started investing in Bulgarian startups and venture capital funds, seeing the lack of funding and knowledge of how companies are built. Between 2012 and 2017, he was the most active angel investor (early stage investor in technology companies) in the Bulgarian entrepreneurial community and supported over 60 companies.

AFTER THE VOTE: What is the profile of the voters who supported Terziev and Grigorova

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