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Vanya Grigorova’s headquarters will challenge Vasil Terziev’s election as mayor of Sofia.

“Hope remains alive and freedom is at hand – from 3,000 to 5,000 votes. I will be the first to congratulate Mr. Terziev if and when the court decides that these results and the way they were achieved are lawful.

The data, if true, shows that we have a double increase between the first and second rounds. The actual growth is probably even higher. In the first round, we managed to fight one coalition in the assembly, we almost had to fight the other part of the assembly. All the power, financial, managerial, including technical resources available to PP-DB and GERB-SDS were harnessed against us.

However, we lead in 13 of the 24 districts of Sofia. These are practically all large residential areas, with the exception of some parts of Mladost. We have given hope to many people that Sofia can be different and we will fight for every vote until the end, because for us every Sofian is important,” Vanya Grigorova said.

Photos: Desislava Kulelieva

“For us, the elections are not over. We are currently checking section by section, checking protocol by protocol, counting vote by vote. The support we received from the people of Sofia obliges us to do this. And I can already tell you that we have enough reasons to to challenge the final result of the election and we will do it according to all the rules. We will not allow the victory to be stolen from us,” said Ivan Takov, chairman of the BSP – Sofia.

Blagovest Kirilov, who was deputy minister of e-governance in one of Galab Donev’s service governments, stated that, in his opinion, the machines were illegally authenticated.

He showed a screenshot of a voting machine posted on the e-governance ministry’s website, which is said to show the result of the completed trust build.

“From the MEU page, it is clear that at the end of the trusted build, the hashcode is generated. We see a screenshot of a machine on which the whole thing was generated. It says what the hashcode is and that it cannot be validated. This means that we are not sure whether this is the hash code or not and what is happening,” said Blagovest Kirilov.


He also questioned the procedure for submitting the election protocols to the CEC. According to him, very easily a protocol with an empty field in it can be filled with false information.

“Given the data presented in this way, we believe that there is enough evidence to dispute the results. Nearly 200,000 people voted with machines in the elections yesterday, which means that if the machines are not properly authenticated, we have one problem, and with the protocols we have another one problem,” Kirilov pointed out.

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