Vasil Terziev: We will prove that, in addition to winning elections, we can govern with dignity and transparency – Around the world and in our country

Vasil Terziev: We will prove that, in addition to winning elections, we can govern with dignity and transparency – Around the world and in our country
Vasil Terziev: We will prove that, in addition to winning elections, we can govern with dignity and transparency – Around the world and in our country

From “Continuing the Change” – “Democratic Bulgaria” they give a briefing.

“The change is slow, but from today it is an irreversible process. There is no mayor who will rely on feudal dependence from today on. There is no corner of Bulgaria that will be guaranteed from now on. I thank the whole team,” said Kiril Petkov, co-chairman of ” We continue the change”.

Kiril Petkov thanked a girl from the headquarters of the PP-DB, who was admitted to the hospital due to exhaustion.

“Big thanks to each one of you who voted for us. Each one of you is a reason for us to be optimistic that better times await Sofia,” said the newly elected mayor of Sofia, Vasil Terziev.

“We achieved convincing representation among the regional town halls – 19 regional mayors. We have a stable representation in the municipal council. We have as many as the second and third together as municipal councilors. We have yet to prove that in addition to winning elections, we can also govern with dignity, transparency and motivation. Each of us accepts this victory as an extremely big responsibility”, emphasized Terziev.

Photos: Desislava Kulelieva

“Without small people and second-hand people. We believe in people with big dreams. For Sofia to be the city of people with big dreams and for the city to give them the opportunity to realize them, this is what we will fight for. There is a lot of work, we will not it’s easy for us. We will be guided by several principles – the public interest should be above all else, we should involve citizens and businesses in the decisions, there should be active communication with greater frequency so that every citizen knows what is happening,” specified the new mayor of Sofia.

“There has been a political earthquake in Bulgaria. After 18 years, the capital will be governed in a new, transparent, honest, motivated and ambitious way. This is a crushing victory over the previous model. The citizens of Sofia have entrusted our association with the huge responsibility of changing Sofia in the next 4 years. We have no intention of dividing Sofia,” said Boris Bonev from “Save Sofia”.

Bonev promised that there will be complete synchronization between the mayor, the Municipal Council and regional mayors.

“The most important and difficult battle and victory was in Sofia,” said Atanas Atanasov from “Democratic Bulgaria”.

According to him, mistrust in the institutions is one of the main reasons for the low voter turnout.

“One of the reasons is the scandal with the machines,” Atanasov emphasized.

He explained that those who created the machine vote scandal should be held accountable.

DB co-chairman Hristo Ivanov commented the speech of GERB leader Boyko Borisov, which called into question the future of non-coalition government.

“We make our decisions with the common sense of the PP-DB coalition and the fact that Bulgaria currently has a government and that we are not in the continuation of the parliamentary crisis, which until a few months ago seriously marked the development of our country, is a question of reason and responsibility of our entire coalition. The question here is – is there any reason in return, because we can all use adjectives, we can all use accusations. The question is, do we choose this regime? Or do we choose to continue to bear this responsibility to the country. The results in all their dimensions show that this responsibility carries negatives and a price is paid, apparently it is paid and the colleagues from GERB are also paying. Mr. Borisov’s mode of speaking clearly shows this thing. The question is what is the alternative – to throw the country into continuation of the parliamentary crisis – until when and for what? We will see what decision GERB will make. Do not expect us to start threatening, flattering and destabilizing the country in the same tone. Let it be clear that when there is an alternative and responsible way towards emerging into a better government, we will resolutely do so. For the moment, I don’t see a responsible alternative that can be relied on,” said Hristo Ivanov.

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