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Slavia – Eter 1:0, Toni Tasev scores from a penalty



Tournament: efbet League
Stadium: “Alexander Shalamanov”, Sofia
Audience: 424


ALU! Ether showed signs of life only five minutes before the pause signal. Ertan Tombak missed a pass through the center of Osama Alu, who received a pass from a colleague around the penalty and with a light kick on the ground almost hit the goal of the “frozen” Svetoslav Vutsov at that moment.


Victor Genev receives a yellow card.

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BEAM! Zlatomir Zagorcic’s team could quickly double their lead after just a few more attacks. The press of the capital city had an effect and Emil Stoev intercepted a pass, then combined instantly with Galin Ivanov, who was in the goal position. However, the captain of the hosts was unable to make his team happy, shooting on the crossbar.

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GOAL FOR SLAVIA! PENALTY! 1:0! TONY TASSEV! Slavia unexpectedly took the lead in the 18th minute. The peace of “Alexander Shalamanov” was interrupted by a signal from the VAR-bus, which advised the referee Stanimir Trenchev to review the situation on the field review. On it, the referee clearly saw that at a corner shortly before, Georgi Alexandrov had stopped Victor Genev and that meant only one thing – a penalty for the “whites”. Toni Tasev shouldered the responsible task, who overcame Velichkov for 1:0.

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FORCED CHANGE! An unpleasant moment befell the guests’ staff, after the Panamanian in the 16th minute Moran suffered an injury and had to be forcibly substituted. Thus, without time, he made his debut with the “Violets” team Osama Alou.

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Toni Tasev overestimated his opportunities when taking a foul, sending the ball high over Velichkov’s crossbar from a serious distance in the seventh minute.

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As the host of the last in the efbet Liga, the Slavia team was expected to be idea more active in the offensive plan. The start of the “Whites” was not very impressive, as a few fruitless crosses did not cause problems for the well-organized defense of the “Bolyars”.

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Slavia welcomes Eter in a match of the 16th round of the efbet Liga. The match at the “Alexander Shalamanov” stadium starts at 15:30 and will be led by Stanimir Trenchev.

At the moment, the “whites” are in 14th position with an asset of 11 points, and the “boylars”, for their part, are at the bottom with only eight points.

Zaghi chose the footballers for Eter's home team

Zaghi chose the footballers for Eter’s home team

Emo Martinov and Galin Ivanov are returning

The coach of the “Whites” Zlatomir Zagorcic will not be able to count on Emil Martinov and Christian Dobrev.


At Etar, Yanko Angelov and Dimo ​​Bakalov were punished. Both have accumulated five yellow cards and will miss the meeting with the “whites”. Coach Svetoslav Petrov has no other serious personnel problems.

The two teams have already played each other once this season. In the first round of the championship, Slavia achieved success in Tarnovo with 1:0 after a goal by Galin Ivanov.

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