The new prices of Toplofication: an arm, a leg, a kidney and the sacrifice of a virgin – Society

The new prices of Toplofication: an arm, a leg, a kidney and the sacrifice of a virgin – Society
The new prices of Toplofication: an arm, a leg, a kidney and the sacrifice of a virgin – Society

You won’t believe it, but just as they released the heating, from the capital’s heat, they also released equalization bills for the equalization bills.

What is this? Kind of like a repair of a repair. The apartments that protested the bases were recalculated, their sums were reduced and this money was distributed to their neighbors. So, it’s still paid – and this time it’s something you certainly haven’t used and it comes late. What you say? That you can’t figure out the family budget? Ya, you better, instead of philosophizing, go find a second job, maybe even a third.

Congratulations. They, the heating engineers, have some money to take and they will take it from whomever they can.

Vanya wanted all utilities to go into municipal hands…

Think this over, think it through. All communal services should be like Toplofication – in municipal hands, with the same “responsibility” and accountability, and whatever they tell you – that’s without being able to protest. And the prices – how do they get them.

But let’s drop the unrealized dreams of the unrealized jokers and focus on the considerable problem at hand with the municipal “skin-scraping” company cheerfully called heating.

Why did they turn on the heating on Saturdays and Sundays, when you can still walk outside in a T-shirt during the day? Some say because average temperatures have fallen. I personally have a different guess – because they need kints… that’s right – the elections have passed, and I personally have long believed the rumors that heating is filling more than one party coffers. Those purchases of votes and advertisements, and “services” of this and that… are they without money? They are not.

Here’s another guess of mine:

No matter how much you save and scrimp, in the end they will take the money they set out to take anyway. They will say: the war in Ukraine, gas prices, retrograde Mercury, they haven’t played solitaire, that’s why – the NEW price of 300%. If it still doesn’t come out… 400%; or as much as the price of diamonds, as much as they need there. Finally, they will recalculate and settle with an equalization account of the equalization account.

They will “beat” their money, don’t think about it.

Kidding aside. How is it possible that a company that is an ABSOLUTE monopoly, that has even made customers who do not use its services to pay it, still be at a loss?


Do you also have two words running through your head: “incompetence” and “fraud”? Are you also wondering which of the two to choose?

The so-called “building installation” forces everyone through whose house the pipes of the monopolist pass, to pay them rent – BGN 50, even if they do not use heating. Not bad, right?

Yes, you understood correctly – they do not pay rent to the owner of the apartment for using the space in the apartment, but he pays them. Some time ago there were consumers who condemned THEM to pay rent for these pipes, but they felt hasty and changed the law in their favor. Now they are “slaughtering and hanging”. If they want the new prices to be an arm, a leg, a kidney and the sacrifice of a virgin, you’ll have to think about it… get together with the slower fleeing and defenseless family members and draw lots. The “legislator” has so far taken good care to protect the interest of the heating operators.

There are users who live on high floors, they and their neighbors have turned off their heating, and the heat hasn’t reached that high in the pipes for years. But they are forced to pay BGN 50 for “building installation” in spite of everything. That’s the law! If they refuse – interest, court, bailiff, police, property inventory and “thank you very much to our users!”

To summarize: an absolute monopolist; they force even people who do not use their service to pay them 50 BGN every month for “installation” and completely cold pipes, which even interfere with the homeowners; set their prices according to a particularly complex and non-transparent principle; Their income is gigantic, but…

… they keep losing money and have to raise prices even more.


THESE should have been the central focus of all election programs and platforms. Unfortunately, I only heard Terziev announce that he will deal with the “problems in Toplofikatsiya”. I’m glad, but I would have been more pleased if more emphasis had been placed on the topic.

Now I’m waiting for results from “dealing with the problem” because the absurdity that some heating Taliban have put us in (“Taliban” in Pashto means “pupils, students” … calm down, heating Taliban!) is complete, desperate, dangerous and threatening the health and lives of thousands of people every year – who can’t pay their bills, turn off their heat, get cold, get sick and… you name it.

And on top of that – adding the other “bonuses” from Sofia’s previous administration – the picture of people’s health becomes quite bleak. I mean poison air, yes.

We’re waiting for the results, I mean. Congratulations on the victory and so on, Terziev, but the hot water with the price of diamonds has already flowed to our radiators. Tick ​​tock, tick tock… no time.


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